See Paris like never before with the latest TomTom Orbis Maps demo
Editorial team·May 03, 2024

See Paris like never before with the latest TomTom Orbis Maps demo

Editorial team
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May 03, 2024 · 1 min read
TomTom Orbis Maps demo of Paris | TomTom Newsroom

With every passing month, TomTom’s map gets richer, more detailed and ever more beautiful. In January, TomTom presented a video demo of its new map, TomTom Orbis Maps, featuring Las Vegas, in Las Vegas itself. With its most recent demonstration, the mapmaker unveils Paris, France, in all its beauty.

Watch the latest TomTom Orbis Maps video demo below

Map visualization of Paris

The future of mapping

Back in January we shared a video demonstration of TomTom Orbis Maps. The video, first unveiled at CES2024, shows how Orbis Maps’ rich detail and dynamic features work for many use cases.

As the camera pans up with the sunrise, light and shadows fall over 3D city buildings. We fly down an urban canyon, complete with trees and green spaces, that depicts complex road layouts including lanes, traffic lights and crossings. And we navigate through Las Vegas, past its famous hotels and landmarks, including its homage to Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

With its most recent demo, we move from Vegas’ Eiffel Tower to the real thing, as TomTom shows off Paris in resplendent visualization.

With the Tower, the Champs-Élysée and the Arc de Triomphe as the backdrop, this video demo shows how the new map works for autonomous vehicles, with specialist routing and geofencing. It reveals how details relevant to EVs, such as charging point POI information, ratings, availability and plug types can be overlaid on the rich map.

Check it out in the video above!

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