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TomTom’s Map Partnerships program is focused on collaborating with our partners to make a better map. By empowering our global mapmaking community with best-in-class tools and technologies, we help our partners advance leading mobility, on-demand, logistics and automotive businesses.

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Why join the TomTom Map Partnerships program?

We prioritize our partners’ mapping needs, including geographies and features that are most valuable to you.

We analyze and optimize partner and community data to produce leads that help us improve the TomTom map.

Our trainers and map editing experts provide diverse learning opportunities for partners to increase map knowledge and skills.

TomTom experts continuously perform quality checks and assist you with complex edits.

Our incremental delivery strategy and continuous improvement ensure our partners always have the most up-to-date processes and support.


Discover the key services our Maps partners can benefit from.

The interaction with Map Partnerships has been beneficial—they are always accessible either via email or a Teams call and are open to ideas we have presented. Training sessions were well structured and easy to understand and bi-weekly meetings keep us well informed. Through the editing programme our customers have noticed a quick turnaround time in updating their requests. Thank you for giving MapIT/GeoInt the opportunity to be part of the programme.

Chantal G.

Map Partnerships product sheet
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