Road traffic management
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Road traffic management

As more and more people are living in cities, managing how we move to increase safety and reduce congestion is increasingly important. Cities, governments and planning departments are using TomTom's robust location data to analyze and improve traffic and travel.
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From small cities to national road agencies, TomTom location data is powering highly advanced mobility platforms and traffic software in the industry. We offer tailored solutions with scalability, providing historical and real-time traffic data as a service for standalone use, or combined with other datasets and infrastructure networks.
Monitor anywhere

Monitor anywhere

Access up-to-date location data coming from 600+ million connected devices worldwide, covering everything from urban areas to nationwide highways.
Historical data

Analyze historical data

Define your time period to get data insights for specific routes or whole areas. You can explore the results and download the data with our easy-to-use web app or powerful APIs.
Maximize investments

Maximize investments

Bring scalability to your current infrastructure, calibrating and validating multiple sources to get much more out of your hardware network through location data.
Active traffic management

Communicate and influence

Broadcast traffic warning and insights to influence overall road safety and mobility, providing relevant location data to everyone from drivers and road authorities to departments of traffic.
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Road traffic management use cases
Whatever issue you're trying to tackle, we can tailor our traffic data as a service to help you see results.

Road safety

Bring the powerful combination of TomTom real-time services and road analytics to highways around the world. Plan, monitor and broadcast safety alerts to drivers on the road.
Road safety

Traffic modeling

TomTom road analytics data is the perfect input to create and validate your traffic models. Different sets of archived data connect directly to your traffic simulation software.
Traffic modelling

Transportation planning

Urban mobility planning made easy. Use our self-service road analytics products to better understand the dynamics of traffic, identify bottlenecks and plan relief transportation measures.
Transportation planning

Real-time traffic monitoring

Via developer APIs or server-to-server bulk feed, TomTom Real-Time Traffic brings coverage scalability to your current monitoring infrastructure.
Real-time traffic monitoring

Customer stories from a moving world

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Using TomTom’s historical and real-time traffic data, the Basque Traffic Directorate is able to improve safety and traffic management across the region.

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