It’s in our tech to move you

TomTom Maps are made to help you move freely, safely and efficiently. Whether you’re a developer creating the next big location-based app, a city going greener or an automaker producing self-driving cars, we have your map.
Where and how you move matters
Every journey is different, whether it’s the destination, traffic, weather, or who’s sitting next to you. But all share the need to know what’s happening where you are and where you’re going. We call our approach contextual mapping, delivering the right info at the right time through:
In the time it takes to shower, we have remapped Berlin. And Boston. And Bangkok.
We have access to 48 trillion data points, but only map what matters to you.
We get you where you’re going, with real-time road information and down-to-the-centimeter precision.
Maps for every need
Our maps make roads safer across all levels of automation.
TomTom Map
We created the original digital map, helping billions of people move smarter, safer and more efficiently since 1991.
TomTom Live Map
Real-time traffic and travel services breathe fresh data into our maps, reducing time in traffic, congestion and emissions.
TomTom ADAS Map
Automating speed control and braking, our map for advanced driver-assistance systems increases safety while decreasing fuel usage. This results in higher NCAP scores and lower insurance premiums.

Used in automated driving Level 0, Level 1, Level 2.
TomTom HD Map
Our HD Map is key to fulfilling the promise of safe, reliable self-driving cars, and a world where congestion and accidents are a thing of the past.

Used in automated driving Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5.
Human Interaction
Machine Interaction
Making maps isn’t easy. We just make it look like it is.
Here’s what goes into the world’s most intelligent maps. It all starts with the way we collect, process and release changes, courtesy of our super-charged mapping engine.
Machine data sourcing
Machine data sourcing
Our maps stay fresh through an automated data collection process that draws from government and private sources, aerial imagery, and field analysts.
Satellite imagery
Satellite imagery
We use machine learning and image processing to extract highly detailed map features from satellite images.
We collect 5B+ pixels per kilometer to validate real-world changes and deliver precise positioning.
Probe data
Probe data
Thanks to more than 600M connected devices on the road, TomTom Maps mirror real-time conditions with current traffic and travel information.
Mobile mapping imagery
Mobile mapping imagery
Our vans drive more than 3M kilometers every year to ensure our maps accurately reflect the road and deliver down-to-the-centimeter precision.
Maps for real life