WEBINAR October 13, 2021 · 4:00pm CEST / 10:00am EDT

UX design for the future automotive cockpit

More and more screens and features are available in modern automotive applications. But how much information is the right amount, and where is best to show it?

Join our webinar to answer these questions. You’ll learn best practices for planning information flow over multiple screens with flexible UI solutions. We’ll look closely at how TomTom’s research-led approach to UX design creates an ideal distribution of information across multi-screen cockpits. We’ll also cover how and why our new UI products use adaptive and responsive components. By joining, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how UX design for the modern cockpit, when done right, reduces distractions, boosts driver confidence and decreases cognitive load.

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Three TomTom experts will present the following topics in a 45-minute session, followed by an open Q&A to wrap things up.

  • Introduction

  • The principles of Navigation for Automotive

  • Informing without overwhelming: designing user-centric multi-screen interfaces

George de Boer

George de Boer

Global Director of Marketing Automotive, TomTom

George oversees TomTom’s strategy and marketing for the automotive industry. He is one of Europe’s leading automotive experts, and highly committed to TomTom’s mission to shape tomorrow’s mobility. Since 2006, George has been developing and marketing real-time and historical traffic solutions and maps at TomTom, and oversaw the business development of TomTom Telematic’s Connected Car solution. He has a background in IT and degree in engineering.

Rolf Dorland

Rolf Dorland

Sr. Product Manager, TomTom Navigation for Automotive

Rolf is responsible for the new TomTom Navigation for Automotive product, known as NavKit2UI. Since 2008, he has worked on every navigation product that TomTom has put into the market, ranging from consumer navigation products like portable navigation devices, or sat navs, mobile navigation apps for iOS and Android, and fleet management solutions for the B2B market.

Drew Meehan

Drew Meehan

Principal UX Designer, TomTom Navigation Products

Drew is a Principal UX Designer with a focus on UI design strategy and the implementation of in-dash navigation products. He worked on the concept team for the new TomTom Navigation for Automotive product and is a member of the location-technology company's EV Working Group. Before joining TomTom in 2020, Drew was Founder of automotive UX consulting firm Mensen and Design Lead for CDR, providing strategic design research and guidance for a wide range of global automotive clients.