Traffic Flow webinar How traffic impacts navigation: 4 insights on real-time and predictive flow

WEBINAR June 10, 2021 · 4:00pm CEST / 10:00am EDT

How traffic impacts navigation: 4 insights on real-time and predictive flow

Traffic takes a toll on us all: wasting drivers’ time, costing cities billions each year and damaging the environment. To tackle traffic effectively, you need to know what to expect on the road ahead – and TomTom’s Traffic Flow info is here to help you gain this game-changing knowledge.

In this webinar, TomTom traffic experts will share four key insights into real-time and predictive flow. Join us online to discover how we observe congestion to provide unique insights on traffic speeds and travel times, both real-time and predicted. You’ll learn how you can harness this data for highly accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and route calculations – and get a sneak peek of exciting future applications for traffic flow.

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Following a short introduction by Liv Meinck, TomTom Traffic experts Sander Pluimers and Barry Tremeer will present the following topics. We’ll wrap things up with an open Q&A for any questions.

  • What is traffic flow and why does it matter for navigation?

  • What are the key elements of traffic flow?

  • What lies ahead? An outlook on next-level traffic flow

Liv Meinck

Liv Meinck

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Traffic and Travel Services

Liv is responsible for product marketing for Traffic and Travel Services at TomTom Automotive. Since joining the company back in 2012, Liv has been responsible for international marketing as well as partner and product marketing – from telematics services to maps, real-time and historical traffic and travel solutions.

Sander Pluimers

Sander Pluimers

Product Manager, TomTom Traffic and Travel Services

Sander is responsible for TomTom’s Traffic Flow product, including lane-level flow and traffic prediction. This product is used by tech and automotive customers for visualization and routing. He has a background in engineering and focusses on continuously improving Tom-Tom's Real-Time Traffic accuracy and perfecting its user experience.

Barry Tremeer

Barry Tremeer

Director Product Management, TomTom Traffic and Travel Services

Barry has been working on the evolution of traffic information services internationally for over 20 years and is now responsible for the strategy and portfolio of the broader range of TomTom’s real-time travel services. With an engineering background and having worked in engineering, customer service and business development roles, he has a keen interest in the timely development and integration of customer-impacting products and features in applications.