WEBINAR June 26, 2024 | 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST

Revolutionizing traffic management with TomTom and Miovision's future-proof solutions

Traffic is one of the greatest challenges that hinder modern cities and mobility. For decades, TomTom's in-depth traffic insights have empowered businesses and governments to tackle issues like congestion and emissions to keep cities moving. Now, we're teaming up with Miovision to offer intelligent solutions, such as Miovision's Personal Signal Assistant, making it easier than ever for carmakers, fleets and transportation authorities to manage traffic efficiently.

Join our webinar to learn how we're integrating TomTom's traffic data into Miovision's Personal Signal Assistant to reimagine a sustainable future for our cities. Together, we'll dive into the role this tool will play in collecting more accurate data from connected vehicles and junctions, and harnessing it to optimize urban transportation infrastructure.

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In this 60-minute session, experts from TomTom and Miovision will explore the following topics and answer any questions you have:

- The future of traffic management and Green Light Optimization and Speed Adaptation (GLOSA) 

Real-time and historical traffic data's role in revolutionizing how the world views and deals with traffic

- How TomTom and Miovision are helping businesses and governments keep cities moving with intelligent solutions

- Q&A

Andy Marchant Presenter

Andy Marchant
Director, Product Marketing, TomTom

Andy Marchant is the Director of Product Marketing at TomTom, leveraging his extensive expertise in location-based technology and traffic solutions. With a keen understanding of customer needs and market trends, Andy plays a pivotal role in shaping TomTom's product strategy, driving the adoption of advanced location-based technologies and traffic management solutions. His strategic vision and dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences have been instrumental in positioning TomTom as a leader in the industry. Andy's leadership continues to drive TomTom's success in delivering innovative location and traffic solutions to the market.

Doug Gilmour Presenter

Doug Gilmour
Strategic Business Development Manager, TomTom

Doug Gilmour is Global Business Development Manager for TomTom Traffic and Travel products. Trained as a transport economist, he gained his Chartership in Transport Planning within various consultancy and government roles where he was responsible for the development and delivery of strategic transport models. He now drives traffic product innovation and an extension of TomTom’s global historic and real time traffic product portfolio, in partnership with collaborative, strategic partners.

Meet our co-hosts
Thomas Bauer Presenter

Thomas Bauer

General Manager, TTS

Thomas Bauer recently joined Miovision as the General Manager of V2X and Connected Vehicles strategy after Miovision’s acquisition of Traffic Technology Services [TTS]. With a focus on advancing Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology and connected vehicle solutions, Thomas leads Miovision’s efforts in revolutionizing traffic management and urban mobility. With extensive experience in technology and transportation leadership roles, Thomas has successfully driven innovation and growth, deploying large-scale V2X projects and contributing to industry best practices and guidelines for connected vehicle technology. Committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to create safer, more efficient roads, Thomas's passion for innovation and dedication to excellence position him as a key asset to Miovision’s executive team.

Miovision Webinar Logo


Miovision is a leading provider of intelligent traffic management solutions, offering innovative technology to optimize traffic flow, enhance safety and reduce environmental impact. By integrating real-time and historical traffic data with advanced analytics, the company empowers cities and transportation agencies to make data-driven decisions, implement intelligent traffic signals and improve overall mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Recently, Miovision has acquired TTS (Traffic Technology Services) to redefine the landscape of telematics and shape the future of V2X. Miovision’s innovative connected vehicle technologies, such as Personal Signal Assistant®, support the groundbreaking Traffic Light Information [TLI] from Volkswagen Group, in service since 2016 and available in VW brands.