WEBINAR October 15, 2020 · AT 4PM CEST/10AM EST

Drive your decision making – understanding COVID-19’s impact on mobility

This year, global congestion levels have fallen on a scale never before observed in the TomTom Traffic Index. Traffic levels now remain unpredictable. They continue to change by country, city and time period. TomTom's leading traffic information reveals global and local trends, in real-time and across the calendar.

What does traffic tell us about the effects of COVID-19 lockdown measures? How is mobility changing? What are the effects on the economy, employment and car ownership?

It’s time to take a closer look, from countries and cities down to individual streets.

Join this webinar to gain new insights and drive your decision making with traffic information.

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In a 40-minute presentation, three TomTom Traffic experts will present the following topics, followed by an open Q&A for any questions.


with Jonathan Americo

Global view and trends

with Nick Cohn and Anna Nowak

Local stories and patterns

with Nick Cohn and Anna Nowak

Industry use cases

with Nick Cohn and Anna Nowak

The future: Will there be a new normal?

with Nick Cohn and Anna Nowak


Jonathan Americo

Sr. Product Marketing Manager TomTom Traffic solution

Jonathan is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for TomTom Traffic solutions applied to traffic management, road analytics and urban mobility. He has more than 10 years of experience working with product management and market strategy for different companies in both automotive and enterprise projects across the globe.


Nick Cohn

Sr. Product Manager TomTom Traffic portfolio

Nick is the Sr. Product Manager for the TomTom Traffic portfolio, serving business, automotive and governmental customers with analytical tools to understand and measure road mobility patterns across the globe. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of travel behavior and urban mobility. Based on experience with the TomTom Traffic Index during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nick is currently working with his team to develop next-generation decision-making tools based on traffic information.


Anna Nowak

Principal Software Engineer TomTom’s Traffic and Travel Information

Anna is the principal software engineer in TomTom’s Traffic and Travel Information unit and she leads the team responsible for the TomTom Traffic Index website. One of her primary focus areas is in creating data visualizations out of traffic data. Anna has been at TomTom for nearly 5 years.