WEBINAR February 18, 2021 · 4:00pm CET / 10:00am EST

How to gain back time – The mystery of travel time predictions debunked

With traffic congestion on the rise worldwide, drivers need travel time information they can trust. Delivering highly accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) means knowing the road ahead – no matter if you’re planning a short commute or a long-haul transport.

Whether it is for commuting, logistics, food delivery or mobility services, predicting accurate travel times is crucial to user satisfaction. Based on trillions of anonymous GPS measurements, TomTom has mastered real-time traffic and driving speed patterns – enabling navigation and routing algorithms to find the fastest routes in complex road networks, predict travel times accurately and suggest alternative routes or times to travel.

Join our webinar to learn what goes into our insanely accurate ETA calculations, and how you can harness TomTom tech – in onboard, online or map-agnostic formats – to power travel times with precision.

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In a 1-hour session, three TomTom experts will present the following topics, followed by an open Q&A for any questions.

George de Boer

Why travel time accuracy matters

Liv Meinck

The “secret sauce” of travel time accuracy

Liv Meinck

Travel time accuracy in practice

Galina Kuklenko


George de Boer

Global Director of Marketing Automotive

George oversees TomTom’s strategy and marketing for the automotive industry. He is one of Europe’s leading automotive experts, and highly committed to TomTom’s mission to shape tomorrow’s mobility. Since 2006, George has been developing and marketing real-time and historical traffic solutions and maps at TomTom, and oversaw the business development of TomTom Telematics' Connected Car solution. He has a background in IT and a degree in engineering.


Liv Meinck

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, TomTom Traffic and Travel Services

Liv is responsible for product marketing for Traffic and Travel Services at TomTom Automotive. Since joining the company back in 2012, Liv has been responsible for international marketing, as well as partner and product marketing – from telematics services to maps, and real-time and historical traffic and travel solutions.


Galina Kuklenko

Product Manager, TomTom Traffic and Travel Services

Galina is responsible for historical traffic products at TomTom Traffic and Traffic Services. When she joined TomTom in 2013, Galina was part of the TomTom Maps Content Unit and was responsible for the European portfolio of the Points of Interest map product.