WEBINAR March 9, 2023 · 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT / 5:00pm CET

Traffic Index insights: Evolving fleet tech for greater efficiency in 2023

2022 was difficult for global fleets. While dealing with increased volumes of traffic, fleets also had to bear the burden of rising fuel prices and the threat of a looming recession.

Through the analysis of highly detailed traffic data, the 2023 TomTom Traffic Index assesses and compares travel times and fuel costs in cities globally.

In this webinar, our research and product experts will walk through the key findings, share interesting insights, and explain how our 2023 TomTom Traffic Index can:

  • Help your customers gauge how traffic data can improve their company’s internal decision-making

  • Optimize your customers' fleet operations, reduce time spent in traffic, and save on fuel costs

  • Create better driver experiences

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In a 60-minute session, experts from TomTom and Geotab — a global leader in connected transportation solutions — will take you through the following topics and answer any questions you have.

  • Introduction

  • Lessons for fleets from the 2023 TomTom Traffic Index

  • How TomTom data can inform fleet and logistics operations

  • Industry trends for 2023 and beyond

  • Q&A

Keith O'Brien

Keith O'Brien
Senior Sales Manager, TomTom Enterprise

Keith is the senior sales manager for TomTom Enterprise Fleet and Logistics solutions. With 25 years of fleet and logistics technology experience in both sales and product management roles, he brings in-depth knowledge to the challenges and issues faced by fleet drivers and management alike. Keith has created and sold in-cab ELD and trailer tracking/telematics solutions for the for-hire and private fleet trucking segments at leading telematics solutions providers including Cadec, CarrierWeb and PowerFleet.

Gunnar Berghäuser

Gunnar Berghäuser
Research Manager, TomTom Traffic & Emissions

Gunnar is the research manager in the Traffic and Travel Information PU. Having worked in research for over 13 years, he holds a PhD in physics and has a track record of numerous publications in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals. He is enthusiastic about data analysis that improves our understanding of traffic and emissions induced by it. He manages the TomTom Emissions project and believes that the rich TomTom data serves as a perfect basis to largely improve our quantitative understanding of traffic-induced emissions.

Elizabeth Ong

Elizabeth Ong
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Ong is a senior manager of product marketing at TomTom. She is an industrial IoT and location technology enthusiast with industry expertise in supply chain and transportation and logistics. At TomTom, she converts customer data and market insights into strategies that foster innovation and growth for the North American market.

Special guest
Mike Branch

Mike Branch
Vice President, Data & Analytics, Geotab

Mike joined Geotab in 2016, bringing with him nearly two decades of experience as a data scientist, software developer, engineer and entrepreneur. As vice president, Data & Analytics, he leads the development of data products and strategy. In 2021, he played a key role in developing Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which provides insights into developing more efficient, safer and sustainable transportation systems. Previous to Geotab, he founded Inovex, a software development company focused on servicing the healthcare industry and municipalities, with software and a team that was acquired by Geotab in 2016. Today he sits on the advisory board for several organizations, including The Ray Highway, Smart Freight Centre, Privacy Analytics, and Together for Safer Roads.

Geotab logo

About Geotab

Geotab is a global leader in connected transportation solutions. We provide telematics — vehicle and asset tracking — solutions to over 40,000 customers in 150 countries. For more than 20 years, we have invested in ground-breaking data research and innovation to enable partners and customers, including Fortune 500 and public sector organizations, to transform their fleets and operations. We connect to over 3.2 million vehicles and process more than 55 billion data points a day so that customers can make better decisions, increase productivity, have safer fleets and achieve their sustainability goals. Geotab’s open platform and marketplace offer hundreds of third-party solution options. Backed by a team of industry-leading data scientists and AI experts, Geotab is unlocking the power of data to understand real-time and predictive analytics — solving today’s challenges for tomorrow’s world. To learn more, visit www.geotab.com, follow @GEOTAB on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit the Geotab Blog.