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Targa Telematics and TomTom

Europe’s mobility operations run smoother with precise location tech.

When businesses need to track and route their assets, they turn to Targa Telematics. And Targa trusts TomTom data to power precise location insights.

For fleet and mobility operators, reliable asset tracking can significantly impact the bottom line. If assets aren’t tracked properly, they can’t be managed effectively. Plus, there’s a higher risk of vehicles being damaged or stolen.

Equally important are the routes drivers follow. The most efficient routes help reduce distance driven, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Understanding driver behavior can also reduce fines and extend the life of the vehicle.

Managing all of this is no easy task – which is why mobility companies across Europe turn to Targa to help them get it right. Headquartered in Treviso, Italy, Targa develops smart mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced digital solutions for clients including car rental providers, corporate fleet operators and finance companies. Targa’s technology helps these businesses to manage fleets more efficiently, improve insurance claims management, enhance worker safety and much more.

Building better with TomTom

Location data is the fuel that keeps Targa’s solutions running smoothly. It’s vital for the company to have access to robust, up-to-date and flexible information. That’s why, following recent benchmark studies, Targa decided to make the switch to TomTom data.

Giorgia Paladin, Head of Procurement at Targa Telematics, explains: “Our research found TomTom’s location data to be top quality, and TomTom’s solutions offered easy integration with our platform.”

Today, Targa has integrated a suite of TomTom Maps APIs into its telematics and smart mobility solution portfolio. This includes the TomTom Search API and Reverse Geocoding API, which allows customers to understand the location and geographic context of the assets they are tracking.

Using the TomTom Routing API, customers can perform trip analyses and find the best routes, which take both real-time and historical traffic into account. Finally, TomTom’s Map Display API is used to depict asset locations on a screen for easier vehicle tracking.

Driving business success

With TomTom data driving their smart mobility, telematics and IoT solutions, Targa provides customers with highly accurate and nuanced insights into their assets and operations.

For instance, fleet managers can analyze data from past trips to plan optimal routes and verify that driving behavior is safe – reducing risk, boosting on-time deliveries and cutting costs. Likewise, rental companies can track vehicles on a map in real time, improving asset visibility and reducing asset loss and costs.

Ultimately, effective asset management – powered by TomTom’s precise location insights – empowers Targa’s clients to deliver financial and human capital savings, all while enabling new mobility options that keeping drivers safer, emissions lower and roads less congested.

Through our relationship with TomTom, our customers will continue benefitting from innovative solutions with outstanding coverage across Europe.

Giorgia Paladin

Head of Procurement, Targa Telematics

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