Opel Astra and TomTom
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Stellantis – Opel

Enter the all-new Astra

Opel is moving its Astra compact into a new era, with two levels of plug-in hybrid power, an all-digital dashboard and upgraded driver assistance systems. To power these first-of-a-kind features, Stellantis tapped TomTom’s electric vehicle (EV) suite with features such as range and routing, information on charging points along with connected navigation and advanced map tech.

High-tech makeover

For the very first time, the Opel Astra is electrified, arriving on the European market in 2022 with two plug-in hybrid options. Thanks to the TomTom EV suite, owners of electrified variants of the new Astra can drive relaxed with real-time info about compatible, available charging points along with the best routes to destinations near and far.

The 2022 Astra is the first Opel to feature the all-digital Pure Panel cockpit, with a pair of 10-inch displays, central screen and additional heads-up display. TomTom’s intuitive user interface is available across all screens and full-stack navigation tech is behind the dash – ensuring smooth, stress-free journeys.

Over-the-air map updates help drivers take the most efficient routes. Connected services like real-time traffic info, steer drivers clear of congestion, while intuitive voice-controlled navigation keeps their focus on the road.

2022 Astra models also come equipped with Opel’s Intelli-Drive 2.0 assistance system, powered by TomTom’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Map and electronic horizon software. These smart features reduce the cognitive load on drivers and help make journeys safer and more comfortable.

Opel Astra and TomTom


Our partnership with TomTom means the freshest maps, best navigation and most complete EV charging station information, keeping our drivers relaxed in the knowledge that they have the best guidance and information always at hand.

Tobias Gubitz

Head of Product and Pricing, Opel

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