Customer story

Geograma and TomTom

The geographic information systems expert putting Spain on the map.

Data doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to use it – something that’s especially true when navigating the complex world of location intelligence.

Enter Geograma: the specialist who’s solving Spain’s transportation issues

For over 20 years, Geograma has provided geographical information system (GIS) services to both public entities and businesses across Spain, helping them tackle tricky challenges such as urban planning, traffic infrastructure – and much more.

Since 2001, Geograma has used the TomTom base map to solve many transportation issues. But with the advent and evolution of technologies like cloud computing and machine learning, the company had to adapt to stay on top of the exponential growth of geospatial information.

Using our APIs, Geograma is amplifying its capabilities and expanding its services – meaning that it answers each project with highly tailored products, which can range from capturing and integrating data to developing highly sophisticated technological solutions.

Our flexibility to support a wide-ranging customer base is a direct result of our TomTom partnership. We can solve customer problems using uncompiled maps or APIs. Both are suitable for any ecosystem of business, depending on their need for a SaaS or on-premises data installation.

Sergio Jorrín Abellán

Business Development Manager, Geograma

Location, location, location (data)

This helped pave the way for solutions such as Geotraffic – a platform that, through our tools and traffic data, combines real-time and historical data to empower more socially and environmentally sustainable decisions.

To stay ahead of a rapidly evolving sector, Geotraffic keeps one eye fixed on the future. And, with TomTom in its corner, it’s equipped to step outside of Spain and untangle even bigger, more ambitious transportation challenges on the international stage.

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