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Claritas and TomTom

Geospatial insights for marketing with an impact.

Claritas and TomTom

The more you know about an audience, the more you can pinpoint your outreach. Claritas uses TomTom’s geospatial data to help target marketing with precision.

When organizations want to know more about their best prospects and customers, and the best ways to reach them, they turn to Claritas. The company offers a full suite of data-driven intelligence solutions to help clients improve marketing effectiveness and increase sales.

The engine that powers these solutions is the Claritas Identity Graph: a proprietary data set encompassing over 255 million consumers across 10,000+ demographic and behavioral insights. It brings together more than 5 billion unique data points to shape in-depth profiles of different customers, empowering companies to know more about their audiences and the most effective ways to engage with them.

Claritas has built a reputation for offering the most accurate and in-depth data of its kind in the industry. Its clients trust it to deliver the best in marketing intelligence – and that’s why Claritas turns to TomTom for its geospatial data.

Helping clients hit the mark

Claritas partners with TomTom for access to maps, points of interest (POI) data and boundary data for census and postal boundaries. Using TomTom’s geospatial data, the company produces demographics and segmentation distributions, rolled up to various geographic levels. This information can then be overlaid onto a map, making it quick and easy for users to visualize, interpret and analyze data.

TomTom’s rich data on administrative areas and postal district boundaries further extends the functionality of the street map. By providing boundary representations of census and postal districts down to the most detailed levels, TomTom enables Claritas users to easily define boundaries around areas of interest and to target campaigns to those target areas.

These geospatial insights help Claritas clients add a new dimension to their marketing campaigns and business strategy. For instance, users can improve their understanding of who lives in a particular geographic area and tailor marketing outreach, products or services to better meet these customers’ needs. Similarly, a company looking to open a new store could analyze the competition and commercial activity around specific areas to determine the best spot for their new location.

Ultimately, the more a business knows about its audience, the more effectively it can reach them. With TomTom geospatial data enabling even deeper audience segmentation, Claritas clients can readily identify new prospects, hone their outreach and achieve greater return on investment on marketing campaigns.

Our experience with TomTom has been very positive overall. Their data is easy to work with and highly accurate. As a result, our clients stand to benefit with better targeting.

Cort Irish

VP Marketing & Communications, Claritas

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