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Leading the way with in-car location services

French automaker Alpine is renowned for its world-class racing and sports cars. And now, these vehicles benefit from TomTom’s leading location services.

Sporty perfection meets navigation

Famous for its Formula 1 achievements, Alpine has been setting the standard in motorsports for decades. Everything about their vehicles is engineered to perfection – each element as purposeful as it is powerful. And that doesn’t stop at the navigation system.

Alpine turned to TomTom for the competitive edge in location services. With NDS (Navigation Data Standard) maps that include over-the-air updates, live traffic info, speedcam alerts, live fuel prices – plus weather – Alpine customers can expect the very best driving experience from start to the finish.



We are excited to work with an automotive legend like Alpine to supercharge the in-car experience. With world-leading maps and navigation services from TomTom, Alpine drivers are free to enjoy the thrill of every journey.

Mike Schoofs 

Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom 

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