TomTom's statement on the war in Ukraine

Everyone at TomTom is deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine – a tragedy that’s impacting and displacing millions of people. We stand with all those affected. And as we monitor this evolving situation, we’re constantly looking for ways we can support those in need.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, we have made it a priority to understand our place specifically in what we’re witnessing right now and what we can directly do to help. We are taking actions and are continually exploring more; below is a brief overview of what we’re doing and have done so far.

Our people and partners

As a global company, we have employees based in both Ukraine and Russia. We also have many employees based in other parts of the world who have family, friends and close connections in Ukraine. Since the war’s beginning, our crisis team has been offering ongoing support to those impacted.

A number of our close partners and customers have also been affected. Our sales representatives, partnership managers and business leaders are reaching out to them and, in some cases, have been able to provide specialized support.

Supporting humanitarian aid charities

This week, TomTom made a financial donation to the Red Cross to support humanitarian aid. We are also matching any contributions that our employees make to the charity.

And as the Ukrainian refugee crisis worsens, we're bolstering our support and partnerships with platforms like the Refugee Talent Hub and – both of which help those displaced from their native countries find work.

Our employees’ actions

Across Europe, our employees are helping on their own initiative.

We’ve already seen our colleagues in Poland open their homes and provide essentials to refugees fleeing Ukraine – something that's beginning to happen across other countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our business leaders have been on the ground in Poland to speak directly with those extending their help. We are also working with our local charity, KoguTT (Kulturalno Oświatowa GrUpa TomTomowa), to support those welcoming refugees into their homes with whatever they need – be it time, money, shelter, transport, resources or guidance.

We are proud to work alongside such caring and selfless individuals whose actions are making a huge difference to those displaced by the war.

Update, May 19, 2022, 16:30 CEST:

We’ve taken a number of additional actions since our first statement:

  • We’ve turned off live traffic information in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

  • We historically had a minor commercial presence in Russia and have cut ties with several local customers since the invasion of Ukraine. The few that remain are currently under review.

  • We have made ongoing mental health support available to all our Ukrainian employees.

  • We have encouraged our employees to take up to three paid volunteer days to help those impacted by the war, no matter where they’re based.

  • We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds, and will continue to provide support and take further action wherever the need arises.

Update, January 23, 2024, 16:30 CEST:

We’ve taken a number of additional actions since our last statement:

  • We have concluded the review of our remaining customers in Russia. We have cut ties with several local customers in accordance with applicable sanction regulations and no longer generate revenue in Russia.

  • We have suspended future sales in Russia.

  • As it is our mission to map the world for the benefit of all, a small team in our Moscow office remains, whose responsibility is to maintain the map of Russia.