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TomTom Real-Time Map Data

The world’s biggest tech companies – including Apple and Uber – choose TomTom Real-Time Map Data to provide context and coverage for drivers in over 200 countries.

Digital map making

We are going beyond traditional mapmaking and building self-sustaining maps that mirror real-road conditions.
Features and benefits
Big data
The ability to quickly detect and process changes relies on big data processed with machine learning and human know how. Thanks to our access to hundreds of terabytes of information and sources that include mobile mapping images, input from local governments and 75,000+ qualified authorities, we’re able to quickly see where new roads have been added, identify changes in direction of traffic flow and detect speed limit changes.


As technology advances and users demand real-time info, map freshness is critical. We ensure our map is up to date with a single relational model, which enables efficient, global data implementation. Through our map-making platform, users can select incremental updates at their preferred frequency.

Address verification

TomTom Address Points delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings. This enables comprehensive geospatial data analysis and offers users a faster, more precise method of locating addresses.

POI search

TomTom Points of Interest (POI) enable users to find the places and services they need, wherever they are. With a comprehensive collection of POI data, TomTom delivers popular food, gas, EV charging stations and points, lodging, and retail establishments.

Map visualization

Traditional maps are transformed through the addition of TomTom Advanced City Models, simulating 3D context and bringing maps closer to reality by accurately mirroring surroundings. With this, app developers can combine the display properties of 3D visualizations with additional map content and features.

Voice navigation

TomTom Voice Maps make driving safer and more efficient. Combined with text-to-speech technology, TomTom Voice Maps provide extra, natural spoken instructions that are generated dynamically.
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