People-powered navigation: Making everyday drives smoother with the AmiGO app
Editorial team·Jul 29, 2021

People-powered navigation: Making everyday drives smoother with the AmiGO app

Editorial team
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Jul 29, 2021 · 3 min read
AmiGo App – Free GPS Navigation | TomTom Newsroom

The best journeys are made together – and when you go with TomTom navigation apps, you go with the power of half a billion drivers. Read on to learn how the AmiGO app uses real-time community updates – plus online routing, live traffic info and speed camera alerts – to get people where they’re going faster and safer.

TomTom AmiGO is a free GPS navigation app designed to make day-to-day driving smooth and simple. It brings the best elements of TomTom navigation – trusted maps, traffic updates, speed camera alerts and arrival times – into one easy-to-use app.

AmiGO is powered and used by drivers all over the world: Our community works together to keep the app updated, sharing real-time info on traffic, speed cameras, closed roads and more – helping our entire community enjoy better journeys.

What’s more, AmiGO offers this all for free and without any ads, ever. Pretty good, right? Here’s how this small but mighty app makes it happen.

Locally sourced, real-time updates

When you use AmiGO, you get TomTom’s community of half a billion drivers as your navigation partners. Users can actively report to the community on traffic jams, speed camera locations, blocked and closed roads, accidents and more. TomTom analyzes and verifies this information to provide all drivers with the best route to their destination.

From the app’s map overview, users can pinpoint incidents like traffic jams, blocked roads and construction work themselves. They can also see how many people reported an incident and if it’s been verified by TomTom – making it easier for drivers to see what’s up ahead and helping them get from A to B hassle-free.

Straightforward guidance and helpful alerts

AmiGO uses TomTom’s navigation tech to provide users with the best routes to any destination. The app offers clear visual guidance and turn-by-turn instructions, plus precise arrival times, to help drivers navigate easily and confidently.

Real-time warnings also help drivers stay safe and relaxed along the way. AmiGO provides timely alerts about upcoming fixed and mobile speed cameras and average speed check zones, so drivers can make sure they’re safely within the speed limit on any stretch of road. The app alerts users to blocked and closed roads and live traffic jams, right on the map, and provides directions around them, saving time. Drivers can also avoid last-minute braking with info on whether a traffic jam up ahead is at a standstill or slow-moving.

People-powered navigation: AmiGO app

Distraction-free driving

Unlike other free navigation apps, AmiGO is 100% ad-free. We design all our products – even free ones like AmiGO – to protect users’ personal data and privacy. We never sell user data and we never serve up ads. It means drivers can enjoy greater peace of mind both on and off the road: driving without annoying ads and knowing that their data isn’t being used for anything other than improving TomTom tech.

Ready for any journey

AmiGO is currently available for Android, iPhone and Huawei. It's also recently been made available in beta release on Android Auto, allowing drivers to enjoy easy navigation directly from their in-car display.

Wherever you’re going, TomTom AmiGO is the perfect starting point for a stress-free journey. And you don’t just have to take our word for it – why not try it yourself? Download AmiGo from the App Store , Google Play or Huawei App Gallery today.

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