TomTom and Aisin team up to accelerate Intelligent Speed Assistance compliance
Vincent Demuynck·Nov 04, 2021

TomTom and Aisin team up to accelerate Intelligent Speed Assistance compliance

Vincent Demuynck
Manager Product Marketing Automotive
Nov 04, 2021 · 3 min read
TomTom and Aisin team up to accelerate ISA compliance | TomTom Newsroom

The automotive industry in Europe is preparing for the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) legislation, which comes into effect in July 2022. Every new vehicle in the EU must include ISA per July 2024.

The Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics and Research claims that widespread use of ISA will cut traffic collisions by 30% and fatalities by 20%, potentially making it a game-changer for road safety. The key challenge for OEMs is how to implement ISA at scale in relatively short product timelines, while managing costs and maintaining flexibility.

The EU General Safety Regulation (GSR) includes the requirement of ISA functionality for carmakers in the EU to pass type approval. ISA performance requirements of 90% imply that such functionality will need to combine camera and digital map input.

To help OEMs meet the challenge within rapid timelines, TomTom and Aisin have teamed up to bring their respective expertise together. TomTom delivers the latest and most accurate speed limit information, which Aisin integrates and fuses with camera observations. Thanks to the two sources of speed limit information, the ISA system then knows the speed limit of the road ahead and always has a back-up.

TomTom delivers ADAS Map data that’s relevant for ISA functionality through the AutoStream service

How it works

Aisin is a renowned automotive supplier and has experience integrating the TomTom ADAS Map in combination with the TomTom AutoStream map delivery service. This enables Aisin to provide accurate positioning, an electronic horizon, fusion logic, and hardware for demo purposes.

TomTom delivers ADAS Map data that’s relevant for ISA functionality through the AutoStream service. This is TomTom’s proprietary map streaming service that ensures driver assistance systems always have access to the latest map data.

The TomTom ADAS Map also contains speed limits, which have exceeded 90% performance in some internal benchmarks. To achieve 95% quality, TomTom uses different professional sources and Sensor Derived Observations (SDO). This will boost the coverage of ISA speed limits with sufficient quality to meet regulatory requirements.

TomTom and Aisin’s joint solution consists of several elements:

  • TomTom ADAS Map delivers with Speed Limits at 95% quality.

  • TomTom AutoStream streams tiles of map data to the vehicle.

  • Aisin software feeds the horizon provider.

  • Aisin demonstrates fusion logic for camera observations with map data.

Taking safety further

Aisin will integrate the AutoStream client onto their reference hardware and software. Using AutoStream with a local cache creates resilience to network outages and reduces data consumption. The Aisin electronic horizon reconstructor is based on the ADASISv2 protocol from the ADASIS AISBL and includes some of Aisin’s proprietary enhancements specifically developed to improve ISA performance.

When driving, Aisin’s positioning and map-matching help determine if new map data needs to be streamed or if it can be re-used from the AutoStream cache. Aisin compares the camera observations with speed limit data exposed on the horizon provider. In instances where there are changing implicit speed limits, such as city entry signs, that are commonly missed by cameras, map data becomes the primary source. This helps ensure that the ISA system is provided with the correct speed limit.

Be ready for type approval

TomTom offers its leading ADAS Map content to combine with Tier1 technologies such as those from Aisin. With a leading Tier 1 specialist such as Aisin, we pre-integrated our complementary ADAS technologies for even faster development cycles.

Our pre-integrated solution is available for demonstration today. ISA is only 9 months away and the time to make critical decisions is now.

TomTom and Aisin propose a joint ISA system with accurate speed limits, minimal data consumption and smart software such as camera fusion to always be sure of the correct speed limit. We also collaborate with OEMs directly using TomTom Virtual Horizon – our all-in-one, map-based ADAS software.

Contact us today to see how we can help you pass type approval.

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