TomTom makes it into Glint’s top 10% of tech companies globally
Editorial team·Dec 03, 2020

TomTom makes it into Glint’s top 10% of tech companies globally

Editorial team
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Dec 03, 2020 · 3 min read
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Over the course of the year, we’ve gained an even better understanding of the significance of feedback loops. Ever since we refashioned our homes into workspaces, virtual communication has become more important than ever. We’ve worked hard to stay connected and to react quickly to TomTom’ers’ requests, suggestions and pain points.

To reflect this, we partnered with Glint again this year to get those insights from our 4500+ TomTom’ers, to understand what they care about, and while there’s always improvement to be made, we’re really happy with the outcome. The results of our most recent Glint survey rank us in the top 10% of tech companies globally per their comprehensive benchmark. This news came on the heels of our recent Great Place to Work® certification that listed us in the top 25 technology companies in India.

With a response rate score of 86%, it’s encouraging to see how vocal the TomTom community has been. This level of engagement meant that we could get a true snapshot of life at TomTom in a historically disruptive year. We’re not only proud of the technology we build, but also our ability to create and sustain a positive working environment in which we all motivate each other to meet our objectives. Now, with this data, we’ll look to improve even further, delivering a truly satisfying experience to our peers.

Checking in with our TomTom’ers provides us with the insights to determine cause for internal progression, improvement of our facilities, reallocation of our resources and exploration of the best methods of communication to meet their needs. After all, any real, constructive change at the company is always going to start with TomTom’ers at the wheel.

Examples of how our TomTom’ers have responded to the survey

We received a positive reaction to the availability of ‘resources’ – the survey revealed a score that sits a solid 10 points above Glint’s industry benchmark. Being away from an office environment naturally imposes some limitations. Yet, TomTom’ers have adapted brilliantly, using the software and technologies that we provide to fulfill their innovative projects and campaigns.

This also translates into the strong reaction to ‘culture,’ with a score that’s 11 points above the industry benchmark. We work hard to build an inclusive, safe environment where TomTom’ers feel like they can apply their ambition to confront initiatives head-on. Our TomTom’ers have responded to this with the energy that this organization thrives on. In these digital times, we want to maintain a culture of ‘continuous improvement’ (9 points above the benchmark), ‘authenticity’ (5 points above the benchmark) and ‘challenging the status quo’ (6 points above the benchmark). We believe that this culture enables TomTom’ers to tackle big, complex world problems like road safety and emissions.

Another key area for TomTom throughout 2020 was ‘communication,’ where we received a score that sits 16 points above the industry benchmark. With concerns that our colleagues might feel alienated due to their isolated workplace circumstances, it’s enlightening to see that, in the survey, TomTom’ers recognized the concerted effort to reach out and maintain connections with each other. Interaction is an essential part of any successful operation, but in this instance, it took on new import that we’re proud to see emphasized by the people that really matter.

What this information means to us

These successes embody the benefit of reaching out – it’s an opportunity for us to have a conversation with our employees, and to enact real change. Surveys can often come across as contrived, but they’ve proven to be an essential form of research for us, accelerating the way that we improve our workplace environment for our people. 2020 has reminded us that this kind of open engagement is a key to success.

Learning from this data enables TomTom to proactively make decisions and plan ahead. 2021 is right around the corner. So, with a team of TomTom’ers that collaborates and communicates effectively, we aim to carry this positive momentum into the coming year. We’ll see you there!

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