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Location Intelligence

Businesses around the world rely on accurate, up-to-date location intelligence from TomTom.
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Geomarketing, GIS or Analytics: it’s all about the data. Backed by a 10-year historical database and trillions of fresh data points added every day, TomTom maps and traffic services enable thousands of companies to make data-informed decisions.

TomTom location data delivers against key criteria of Volume, Variety, Veracity and Velocity.


We collect and maintain map and traffic data in over 164 countries drawn from 61 billion GPS traces per day. That's 48 trillion data points, 70+ million kilometers of roads and hundreds of millions of places of addresses.


TomTom data include layers and layers of detailed map attributes. House numbers, building footprints, traffic statistics and even EV charging stations – if it has a location, you can find it with TomTom.


TomTom has been the leading mapmaking specialist for 25 years. Our ISO-certified mapping process is based on accurate and verified sources collected and processed by our teams in 36 countries.


Our state-of-the-art map making platform processes over two million map changes per hour. Our weekly incremental map updates to ensure users always have the freshest maps.
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Core technologies

Detailed and accurate maps

TomTom map data is available in industry standard geospatial formats, making it easy to integrate it in any GIS or Business Intelligence software.

Traffic insights

From origin destination analysis to traffic density, the TomTom Move platform helps businesses and governments understand movement, and identify the best locations for their stores and offices.

Heavy duty geocoding

Our APIs enable partners to geocode millions of address records with a high level of accuracy, validate and display them on a map.

Success stories from a moving world

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“TomTom collects very valuable data around addresses, streets and points of interests. And the fact that it is global in coverage and has a consistent data model is very important.”

Andy Bell
Pitney Bowes Software

Let’s make a safer, cleaner and congestion-free world together.

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