Areas we work


Our team creates navigation software services relied on by more than 600 million connected devices.

As a result, we help make driving safer, more comfortable and more efficient for people around the world. We have a large and complex code base to work on. Navigation software needs to work for a multitude of devices for different customers and that makes the work here challenging.
What we do
Develop software for onboard, hybrid and online apps
Contribute to creating a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world
Have a lot of fun
We put map data to use form for automakers and consumers
Work on machine learning projects, mathematical issues and smart algorithms
Technologies we use
C++, Java, Python, React Native, OSes (Linux, Android, iOS, QnX,) QT Framework, continuous integration (Quick Build, Jenkins, Team City, Conan Package Manager)
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Areas we work 
Other areas we work
Up-to-date, accurate and detailed maps for the hundreds of millions of people using TomTom technology around the world.
Real-time services
Services to help consumers and businesses optimize their journeys, such as TomTom Traffic, On-Street Parking and more.
Autonomous driving
Mapping technologies for all levels of automated driving, including the industry-leading TomTom HD Map for autonomous driving.