Our teams deliver up-to-date, accurate and detailed maps to hundreds of millions of users around the world.

We help drivers move safely, freely and efficiently. This requires constant map maintenance and continual improvement to our proprietary transactional map-making engine. We work with large amounts of data and complex algorithms to make it happen, often processing more than two billion map modifications in a single month.
What we do
Continuously improve our map-making process
Work with subject matter experts and engineers from various fields on efficient data processing automation
Contribute to creating a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world
Help create real-time processing of real-world changes to map data
Design and implement complex algorithms to work with geospatial data
Have a lot of fun
Technologies we use
AI, machine learning (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch,) EO data processing, (Sentinelhub API, Digital Globe Maps API, GBDX,) automation (Jenkins, Docker,) Python, R, Java, Javascript, ReactJS, Postgres, cloud technologies (Azure)
Want to join us?
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Areas we work 
Other areas we work
Autonomous driving
Mapping technologies for all levels of automated driving, including the industry-leading TomTom HD Map for autonomous driving.
Real-time services
Services to help consumers and businesses optimize their journeys, such as TomTom Traffic, On-Street Parking and more.
Software for traffic-dependent routing, route guidance, map visualization, search, positioning and machine learning-based predictions and suggestions.