Techincal Product Manager
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    What you’ll do
    • Actively collect, analyze,and prioritize the customerneeds

    • Continuously collaborate with the product team to build a deep technical understanding of the pipeline components and the respective processes that make use of them

    • Define and prioritize key outcome metrics to measure the system’s performance in driving your customers’ success

    • Create, maintain, and communicate roadmaps for the POI system features and capabilities in line with the overall product strategy. 

    What you’ll need
    • Deep understanding of your customers’ drivers for success 

    • Strong communication skills that will ensure clear messaging to the product team and internal customers and stakeholders alike

    • Eagerness to learn through action and ‘getting your hands dirty’ 

    • Open mind and readiness to discuss details of the material you or your team are building

    • Willingness to work in a dynamic and fast-changing environment

    • Solid knowledge of product discovery techniques and success measurements (e.g.OKRs)

    • Prior experience in building or managing large-scale platforms is a definite plus

    • Adherence to or ability to develop the competencies outlined for the Product Manager II role in the Product Management Career Ladder in the skill areas of complexity/execution, communication, product vision/strategy and leadership/management

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