Engineering Manager - Cloud Reference Architecture
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    At TomTom, we have cloud and software engineering in the core of our DNA. As the Senior Engineering Manager – Cloud-Native Infrastructure Engineering, you will be leading the development of the cloud-native infrastructure engineering reference architecture. You are obsessed with the internal clients and the external customers, aspirational in your goals, yet humble and unassuming in your interactions. A technical problem solver at heart, you know how to leverage new technologies to solve transformational business challenges. You apply software engineering principles and practices to any problem presented to you. You are in constant pursuit of improvements. Your stakeholders want to work with you because you understand their needs and you are there for them. Leadership and engineering is in your DNA, and seeing your customers, clients and your own team succeed is what motivates you.

    What you'll do

    ·Sets and maintains the technical direction for cloud-native infrastructure engineering in a multi-cloud context, including Kubernetes, ingress, IAM integration, security integration, and service connectivity.

    ·Is responsible for standardization, development, delivery and operations of the cloud-native reference architecture for all of TomTom.

    ·Actively participates with Engineering teams in the product organizations to drive adoption, embracing a deep ‘customer-first’ mindset.

    ·Partners with peer engineering teams including software delivery effectiveness (CI/CD), cloud center of excellence, observability and SRE.

    ·Ensures all aspects of security and compliance are accounted for in the offered solution in close partnership with the Security organization

    ·Remains deeply immersed in the world of cloud and cloud-native innovation, including both open source (CNCF) and leading public cloud providers (Azure, AWS).

    ·Creates and sustains an environment of ingenuity and creativity and challenges the status quo to encourage innovation.

    ·Builds out an engineering team to high engineering standards.

    ·Actively manages and coaches a team of engineers, taking their personal development to heart.

    Technical skills:

    ·Expert at cloud-native infrastructure, including Kubernetes on public cloud platforms (AKS, EKS) and related technologies and tooling for cloud runtime platforms and end-to-end delivery (packaging, service mish, ingress, identity and access management).

    ·Modern coding languages (experienced in system languages and scripting such as Golang, Javascript, Python; familiar with product engineering languages such as Java, C++, Scala, Kotlin)

    ·CI/CD technologies including source code management (GitHub), pipelines, secrets, artefacts.

    ·GitOps practices and infrastructure automation including Infrastructure as code

    ·Serverless technologies

    ·Software-defined operating models and technologies, including IaaS, CaaS and PaaS

    ·Software architecture fundamentals

    ·Deeply familiar with at least one major public cloud platform, preferably Azure, also AWS

    ·Cloud-native architecture, technology, engineering and operations (CNCF)

    ·SRE best practices to achieve 99.99 availability

    ·Security, privacy and compliance essentials

    General skills and experience:

    ·Minimum 8 years of experience in production-grade cloud infrastructure engineering role

    ·Minimum 3 years of experience in managing a team (local and remote, size 5-8 engineers) and a proven track record of hiring and growing talent

    ·Extensive experience in high-availability cloud solutions

    ·Track record of building and operating production-grade mission-critical online services including software delivery effectiveness

    ·Best-in-class technical leadership, following a structured approach to drive align and seek consensus

    ·Excellent communication and collaboration skills

    ·MSc in computer engineering or equivalent highly desirable

    ·The role can be based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), The Netherlands, Berlin (Germany), or Łódź (Poland)


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