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    Position: Business Operations Manager – Service Platform

    TomTom is a location technology company leader, driving towards a safer, cleaner and congestion-free world. The Service Platform (SP) organization is driving engineering and employee productivity, and a catalyst for change for the entire company. With software engineering is in the core of our DNA, the platform team is in a pivotal position to accelerate transformation. As the Business Operations Manager for SP, you will have an immediate impact on how the SP organization is enabling TomTom’s productivity, continuously optimizing the internal operating model, streamlining initiatives, managing success criteria, aligning the organizational model, and communicating to the organization. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a business management and/or operational role, combining excellent analytical, people, organizational, business and communication skills.

    This role reports to the VP Engineering of Service Platform and is based in Amsterdam.

    • Coordinate the development of SP strategy and the ongoing maintenance thereof
    • Enable mapping of the strategy into strategic initiatives with well-defined success criteria
    • Define, implement and optimize the operating model, including core operational processes, responsibilities, decision making moments, and progress checkpoints
    • Review and optimize the organizational structure, including resource capacity, skill and talent management
    • Drive organizational goal setting and performance management (OKRs)
    • Deliver compelling communication and change management plans
    • Continuously optimize the performance of the SP organization, acting as an accelerator
    • Support functional leaders in decision making, investment approvals, program management and delivery of strategic and operational initiatives
    • Act as a trusted advisor and counselor to the head of the organization
    Key responsibilities
    • Manages strategic planning as part of company-wide financial planning processes
    • Translates strategic planning into objectives with well-defined accountability and success metrics
    • Advises on organizational design optimizations to accomplish the objectives
    • Manages progress on objectives and key results
    • Continuously improves the operating model, with an emphasis on strategic alignment, resource alignment, and visibility
    • Oversees strategic project portfolio
    • Identifies talent and skill gaps, and coordinates plans to address the gaps
    • Coordinates communication plans to the organization
    • Communicates to key stakeholders and product units leveraging the service platform
    • Collaborates with corporate communications for consistency and leverage
    • Identifies feedback loops in the operating model to drive continuous optimizations
    • Serves as a liaison between staff, executives, senior leadership, regarding strategic alignment, organizational health, general mindset, planning, proposals, decisions and projects
    • Partners closely with HR for talent planning including acquisition, upskill and onboarding
    • Partners closely with Finance for planning, prioritization and delivery tracking purposes
    Skills and Qualifications
    • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar field
    • 5+ years in a business or operational management role
    • Excellent analytical skills and detail-oriented
    • High-close attitude, always seeks to complete the work
    • Strong affinity with the world of DevOps software engineering and agile methodologies
    • Proven experience organizing and directing multiple teams and departments
    • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form
    • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity
    • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives
    • Project, product and program management basics
    • Works independently
    • Bias towards action
    • Does not show away from rigorous candor to the leadership team
    • Effective at working with senior executives
    • Highest ethical standards, earns trust
    • The role is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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