Security Site Reliability Engineer
General Legal - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Security Site Reliability Engineer
  • Location: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
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  • Security Site Reliability Engineer

As Security Site Reliability Engineer, you’ll join the Information Security Unit in which you’llensure thatourtooling empowers Security teams to deliversecure, compliant & resilient services that add value to our customers.We own,use,and depend uponseveralsecurity tools & platforms that need tointeroperate anddeliver towardsSecurity’sroadmapandvision.Whenit comes tosecurity tools,platforms,and agents, we believe less is more, and that seamless interoperability is key.Ourtools and platforms need to addmeasurablevalue in a pragmatic and scalable way.

WhatYou’ll Do

  • Interface with the Information Security Product manager to understand the What and Why.

  • Define the How when it comes to delivering on operational team(SecOps)requirements.

  • Work with the teamsto implementall the stories in the backlog, based on prioritization.

  • Contribute SME input towardslong-termstrategicinitiativesin line with the Security roadmap and otherbusiness priorities.

  • Lead and participate in Proof of Valueexercises, stating technical success criteria andtesting/ measuring against those requirements.

  • Focus on delivery by working with theSecurity Product manager,SecOpsteam/vendors, and by influencing roadmaps and release plansand contribute to the long-term vision of the Information Security Unit.

  • Implementcontinual,iterative improvementsto our tooling and platformcapabilities.

  • Collaborate with theInformation Security Architect to ensure best practice configurations are in place.

  • Troubleshoottooling & platform issueswithdifferent vendor engineering teams.

  • Facilitate the onboarding and management of various log source types into the SIEM platform.

  • Overall, you will have a high-level overview of the SOC/CSIRT's work and progress, identifying areas of improvementwith respect to engineering, mentoring SOC/CSIRT members when it comes to engineering requirements, tools usage and closely collaborate with the members as a team toward a collective goal.

  • Contribute to the technical direction on all areas of the PKI domain including policies, standards, strategies, automation and governance.

  • Develop, maintain and publish certificate management processes and procedures to administer certificates throughout their lifecycle.

  • Joint point of contact for certificate questions and resolution of certificate issues.

WhatYou’ll Need
  • Passion for secure, reliable, scalable, observable software with strong sense of ownership

  • Extensive experience implementing, architecting and administeringSecOps tools like SIEM, EDR and SOARin complex deployment configurations

  • Strong understanding of Cloud infrastructure; preferably Azure and AWS.

  • Experience with building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines

  • Should have good scripting knowledge (PowerShell, Python, VBScript etc); Strongability to create or customize scripts as needed.

  • Strong knowledge of Operating System (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) and Network internals;proven hands-on experience in Linux environments.

  • Good knowledge in security engineering practices, web-Application security, and Cloud Security.

  • Ability to coordinate with various stakeholders to understand Information Systems and to ensure the adequate detection controls are in place.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to share knowledge with peers and to communicate effectively with different stakeholders.

What’s nice to have
  • 8+ years working in an enterprise level organization with responsibilities related to computersecurity or system administration.

  • Knowledge of virtualization and containerization technologies such as VMware, Kubernetes, and Docker.

  • Hands-on experience of Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR) for Incident/SIEM Triage toKnowledge of PKI and X.509 certificates. 

  • Understanding of Cryptography, KeyManagement,and the usage of certificates for their intended purposes.

  • automate L1& L2 Tasks to reduce alert fatigue.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Strong technical analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Security certifications such as GIAC or equivalent;certifications (GCIH,GCFA,GFNA,GCIA, etc.)

  • Experience working with distributed teams,willingness,and experience in being a team player and dealing with people from various backgrounds andlocationsacross the company, alsopossess the ability to work independently.

  • Knowledge of the automotive industry.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent. 

  • Experience with HSMs, PKI, Tokenization systems, data encryption solutions.

  • Experience with certificate management automation tools.

Meet your team 

We’re Information Security. We protect TomTom’s infrastructure, applications, employees and customers. We work alongside Enterprise IT, Commercial IT, Legal, Finance and HR to minimize risk and increase resilience across the business. We take an intelligence-driven approach, relying on innovative commercial and open-source solutions to proactively identify vulnerabilities and contain threats. On our team, you’ll help secure a safe, connected, autonomous world that is free of congestion and emissions.

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We are self-starters who play well with others. Every day, we solve new problems with creativity, meet new people and learn rapidly at our offices around the world. We will invest in your growth and are committed to supporting you. In everything we do, we’re guided by six values: We care, putting our heart into what we do; we build trust (you can count on us); we create – it’s how we make a difference; we are confident, but don’t boast; we keep it simple because life is complex enough; and we have fun because life’s too short to be boring. 

After you apply

Our recruitment team will work hard to give you a meaningful experience throughout the process, no matter the outcome. Your application will be screened closely, and you can rest assured that all follow-up actions will be thorough, from assessments and interviews through onboarding.

TomTom is an equal opportunity employer 

We celebrate diversity, thrive on each other’s differences and are committed to creating an inclusive environment at our offices around the world. Naturally, we do not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, national origin, genetics, or age.

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