Navigation App - React Native Developer
Software Engineering - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Navigation App - React Native Developer
Software Engineering - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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At TomTom, you can.

TomTom product development, which is dominated by software development, occurs within many Product Units (PUs), where each PU has a well-defined product scope.

PU is also responsible for providing online services in their product system, normally using public cloud infrastructure.

In PU Apps & Web, we develop a product system for everyday drivers, fronted by free Android and iOS mobile apps, based on our navigation technologies (online location-based services and client libraries). The goal of these apps is to redefine what navigation stands for, exposing our latest technology to both end-users and business customers and benefit from increased community input and rapid market learning.

Engineering responsibilities span collaborating with our ambitious UX team on the conception and delivery of innovative new features, to dealing with cloud and voice enabled features being incrementally developed using the latest speech recognition and machine learning tool kits.

Join us working in this exciting domain using lightweight agile processes and cutting-edge mobile tooling.

Here’s a little taste of your challenge
  • Work with UX designers to conceive, implement, test and maintain great new features, delivering in whatever it takes to get the job done on React Native

  • Deliver comprehensive automated tests alongside the features you deliver, and take pride and ownership in your work through to shipping and beyond, including defect fixing

  • Participate actively in maintaining the quality and architectural integrity of the software by designing features and frameworks with modularity and maintainability in mind, identifying and executing refactoring improvements alongside feature increments, and help hold everyone to the same standard through code reviews

  • Collaborate closely with other teams within the company, including those delivering navigation enablers like routing, traffic and speed camera data to name a few

What We Are Looking For
  • You have solid experience in React Native or comparable JavaScript-based frameworks for mobile application development
  • You have working experience of Android or iOS
  • You have 5+ industry experience as an engineer.
  • Having experience in leading/managing a team helping them deliver quality software, would be a plus.
  • Having experience of working with stakeholders (internal and external), taking ownership of the technical solution, delivering
  • Having experience in UI development is clearly highly desirable, but not necessarily essential, there’s a lot more to app development than just what’s visible on screen.
  • Experience of having worked on crowd sourcing/community features using a data driven approach gets you extra brownie points :-)
  • You would feel at home working as part of a self-organising Empowered team within an organisation using OKRs or goal driven techniques to prioritise work.
  • Familiarity with macOS, Git and scripting languages like Ruby, along with build and test tooling, would be a plus.
  • Familiarity with cloud-based solutions like Azure is handy.
  • A quick learner who isn’t afraid to try out new things and experiment to get the work done without relying on laid down specs.
What You Can Expect
  • You will never get bored! We move fast like a “start-up” but have the benefits of a well-established company.

  • A company culture that likes to work hard and play hard. We like to have fun. There is no sense doing a job everyday if you don’t like the people you work with

  • Have an idea? A suggestion? A new way of doing things. The founders are still very present in the company and are very accessible. We all are. There is always room for good ideas. Entrepreneurialism is valued

  • Decisive actions. We don’t like to wait. It’s in our DNA to move forward. So, it only makes sense that we don’t jam the company with lots of layers. We make things happen. Quickly

  • Let’s not forget the good stuff, flexible benefits, and location-based incentives.

Want to join us?

We would like to meet you! 

We kindly ask you to apply in English.

Online assessments and pre-employment screenings are part of the selection process


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