Senior Engineering Manager leading GO Navigation Product Team
Software Engineering - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Senior Engineering Manager leading GO Navigation Product Team
Software Engineering - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The Engineering Manager leading the GO Navigation Product Team is a role that leads one of the products in PU Apps and Web. It is also a role to get acquainted with leadership elements that are part of the PU Head role and a perfect steppingstone for candidates with more senior leadership ambitions and potential.

Within the product scope of a PU, and when product teams are hierarchically organized, the responsibility of one or more products can roll up to this role which reports to the PU Head. The PU Head can also own one or more products and is overall accountable for the product performance of the PU product portfolio.

This means that this role has full product accountability which includes managing Product Management, Engineering (engineering, architecture and testing teams) and has a dotted line to UX teams. The Engineering Manager leading the GO Navigation Product Team has a mandate to deliver as much business value as possible from its budget allocated to the owned products, which we call the “bang-per-buck” mandate.

Many PU products integrate products from one or more other PUs, which means that there are many internal customer-supplier relationships between PUs. PUs are supported by OTS, HR and Finance. To be effective, for this role one must maintain effective relationships with:

  • Sales and marketing units

  • Customer PUs

  • Any supplying PUs

  • OTS, HR, and Finance

Your Product TeamWe are the GO Navigation team building TomTom’s leading Navigation app with onboard maps, a part of Apps & Webs product unit within TomTom. We are building our product on top of the latest and greatest features delivered by TomTom Maps, Traffic, Routing, Visualisation and Search technology, by implementing mobile UI and adding mobile-specific features and integrations, such as CarPlay. Driven by user feedback we are constantly working on making our app better.

What you’ll do:

The main responsibility of the The Engineering Manager leading the GO Navigation Product Team is to deliver as much business value as possible from the allocated budget (bang-per-buck mandate) from the products the Product Team Lead is responsible for.

The indicators of success include:

  • Market success of products developed

  • Customer satisfaction with products (external and internal customers)

  • Meeting customer commitments on schedule, features, and quality (external and internal customers)

  • Product quality, including software quality

  • Online service level indicators meet declared service level objectives

  • Absence of security incidents relating to owned products

  • Successful product innovations

  • Well-defined product scope is owned by one or more product managers

  • Good relationships with S&M, customer/supplier PUs, OTS, HR, and Finance

  • Sales and marketing understanding of product plans

  • Product Team staff engagement and retention

  • Software development productivity indicators

  • The Product Team has good product managers and architects, who have the respect of the people they interact with

The external-to-the-unit responsibilities are:

  • Publish online service level indicators, objectives, and actuals

  • Publish product plans, including product strategies and roadmaps

  • Collaborate effectively with our sales and marketing units

  • Collaborate effectively with other PUs, especially internal suppliers and customers

The internal-to-the-unit responsibilities are:

  • Running an effective product team LT

  • Line management of direct reports which includes Product Management, Engineering and Architecture

  • Juggle resources to get the greatest bang per buck in a dynamic business environment

  • Constantly improve software development capability, supporting the group WCSD initiative

  • Meeting group requirements on information security, including our security architecture standard.

  • Take advantage of any big data opportunities

What you’ll need:
  • Understanding of the owned product portfolio, customers, their applications and their current and future needs, the competitive market, and supplier technologies

  • The general management and people management skills to lead an R&D organisation with engaged and capable teams, in multiple geographically spread sites

  • Relationship skills to collaborate effectively with other parts of TomTom, including higher management, supplying PUs, customer PUs, sales and marketing, OTS, HR, and Finance

  • Examples of successfully leading change management

  • Ability to represent TomTom externally, including industry events and engaging effectively with external customers, particularly in supporting sales

  • Understanding of world-class software development at the scale the product teams operate, including product management, software architecture, agile development, automated software testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery

  • Understanding of online services provision, including public cloud versus on-premises infrastructure, information security, and service levels (indicators, objectives, and agreements)

  • Experience of formulating and maintaining a strategy, especially product strategies

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