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In Thailand, our traffic data is focused on Bangkok. Why not check out traffic there?

Change the way you move with TomTom technology

Boost road safety

Junction Analytics

TomTom Junction Analytics helps road authorities, traffic managers and engineers monitor and improve traffic light performance, making roads safer, greener and less congested.
Improve how we move

Origin Destination Analysis

TomTom Origin Destination Analysis studies anonymized Floating Car Data from 600+ million connected devices to give you the authoritative view of what’s happening on the road.
Keep drivers informed

Route Monitoring

TomTom Route Monitoring helps road authorities and emergency service professionals understand what’s happening on the road and enables them to update road users about conditions ahead.
Understand traffic

Traffic Stats

With years of data on road speeds, travel times and traffic density, TomTom Traffic Stats give you the insights you need to understand, predict and reduce congestion.
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