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Created to help you analyze traffic – as a driver, city planner, automaker or policy maker – the TomTom Traffic Index provides detailed insights on live and historic road congestion levels in cities around the world.
traffic decreased (since 2018)
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Global data coverage
How much data did we collect in 2019?
356,601,200,370 km
How long would it take light to travel that distance?
14 days
How many trips is that from the Sun to Neptune?
79 trips from Sun to Neptune
Cars stuck in traffic congestion
Global average congestion level 2019

What is the
TomTom Traffic Index?

Covering 416 cities across 57 countries on 6 continents, our Traffic Index ranks urban congestion worldwide and provides free access to city-by-city information. You, along with drivers, city planners, automakers and policy makers, can use the index to help tackle traffic-related challenges. Now in its 9th year, the index uses real-time and historical data to give you even more insights.
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Average extra time spent in traffic in 2019
In that time, you could
listen to
"The Nutcracker" by P. Tchaikovsky
  • Highest daily average congestion levels.

Top 5 By traffic congestion
Highest daily average congestion levels.
The TomTom Traffic Index is one more way we are helping create a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world, together with our partners and global community of drivers.

What can you do to beat traffic?

A man riding a bicycle instead of a car

Get involved

Improving mobility is a shared effort. Drivers, city planners, automakers, policy makers, road authorities, startups, the public and more are working to change mobility. See what’s happening and how you can benefit or join in.
A map with alternative route

Take alternate routes

Stop-and-go traffic often uses more fuel, taking your time and money while offering you a headache. Look for alternate routes to keep moving, reduce overall congestion and have a more enjoyable ride.
A man waiting for the time to be outside peak hours to leave home

Avoid peak hours

Shorten your commute by driving before or after the peak. Check our rush hour stats for your city to see when to go and how much time you can save.

What will you do with your saved time?