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TomTom Traffic Index

TomTom Traffic Index
The Americas
2013 annual report

Comparison of traffic levels between the full year 2013 and the full year 2012 across 63 metropolitan areas across the Americas.

TomTom Traffic Index
2013 annual report

Comparison of traffic levels between the full year 2013 and the full year 2012 across 60 metropolitan areas in Europe.

TomTom Traffic Index
2013 annual report

Comparison of traffic levels between the full year 2013 and the full year 2012 across 22 metropolitan areas in Mainland China

TomTom Traffic Index
Australia and New Zealand
2013 annual report

Comparison of traffic levels between the full year 2013 and the full year 2012 across 9 metropolitan areas in Australia and New Zealand.

TomTom Traffic Index

It is our mission to get drivers to their destinations faster, safer and greener. Over the years we have invested in new ideas and technologies with the aim of bringing significant benefits to drivers, businesses and society as a whole.

In 2007 we started a groundbreaking initiative that helped us to understand how we could guide drivers in a better way. We set out to build a more precise view of traffic flow over the entire road network to enable us to give drivers more exact route information and arrival times.

With the support of millions of TomTom customers we have captured anonymous travel time information in all the territories where we are active. Rather than relying on theoretical models, we are now able to understand real-life driving patterns by time of day, day of week, time of year and around special events. This initiative is unique in that we are able to capture, evaluate and redistribute vehicle-centric travel information on a global scale.

Over the years we have built the world's largest database of historic travel times and the most detailed and accurate real-time traffic information available. Based on the insights we gained we have developed advanced routing technologies that help millions of drivers get to their destinations faster, safer and with lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

Contrary to popular belief, there are often multiple ways to reach a destination and avoid traffic congestion. Finding the fastest route is a complex task. Now, thanks to advanced routing technologies, motorists can drive with dynamic navigation systems which quickly react and adjust routes to the ever changing traffic situations.

By helping drivers to find a faster route we can also demonstrate that the total available capacity on the road network increases. If a small percentage of drivers uses different (and faster) routes, congestion can be alleviated across the entire road network, thereby benefitting all drivers.

By offering a more accurate analysis of traffic flows, we help identify and pinpoint congestion trouble spots more effectively. And by routing traffic away from congested areas we can play a key role in easing congestion in cities and urban areas.

Our historical archive of real travel times has paved the way for the creation of the TomTom Traffic Index – the most accurate and comprehensive barometer of traffic congestion in major cities all over the world.

About the TomTom Traffic Index

With the publication of the TomTom Traffic Index we are aiming to provide the general public, industry and policy makers with unique and unbiased information about congestion levels in urban areas*.

The methodology that is used in this report measures travel times* during the whole day and during peak periods* and compares these with measured travel times during non-congested periods (free flow*). The difference is expressed as a total average percentage increase in travel time*. We take into account local roads, arterials and highways. All data is based on actual GPS based measurements and for each city* the sample size is expressed in total number of measured kilometres for the period.

As well as assigning and ranking the overall congestion levels of over 180 cities* on different continents, the report evaluates the congestion levels* in cities at different times of the day and on different days of the week.

Individual city reports include more detailed information such as the most congested day*, time delay per year for commuters* and congestion levels on highways* and local roads.

If you would like to know more about TomTom's trafflc solutions, please contact your local TomTom office or

For questions or comments about this report, please contact us at

Note: words with a * are explained on the keywords page at the end of the report.