TomTom and cookies
Cookies make sure our website and services perform essential functions. They also help us improve your visitor experience, for example by providing more relevant content. We use cookies on the following websites:

  • www.tomtom.com
  • move.tomtom.com
  • developer.tomtom.com
  • help.tomtom.com
  • plan.tomtom.com
  • mapexplorer.tomtom.com
  • samplemaps.tomtom.com
  • mapmaker.tomtom.com
What are cookies?
Text files placed on your computer, mobile device or device connected to your computer.
Different types of cookies
Functional cookies store and retrieve information to provide you with a service or information you asked for. For example, cookies store your language setting and username when logging into a service. We need to place cookies on your device to deliver the service and ensure the website functions properly.

Analytical cookies help us create visitor statistics and measure website performance for further improvement.

Advertising cookies make your web experience more personal and serve relevant advertisements. You can switch these cookies on or off in the cookie setting above.

Our cookie types are summarized below.
Helps us secure and maintain our website and remembers your preferences for tools found on the TomTom website. This prevents the need to re-set preferences each time you visit our website.
Every time you visit our website, our analytics services generate cookies that can tell us whether you are visiting our website for the first time or not, and provide aggregated information regarding how our visitors use our website (such as where users tend to click). Your browser will tell us if you have these cookies and, if you don’t, we generate new ones. This allows us to track how many individual users we have and how often they visit our website.
Allows us to know whether or not you’ve seen an ad or a type of ad, how you interacted with such an ad, and how long it has been since you’ve seen it.

Also helps us with targeted advertising, based on criteria such as web pages viewed, time on site and completed action(s).
Functional and analytical cookies
We use our own TomTom cookies to perform essential functionalities, and Google Analytics, Mopinion, Contentsquare, Salesforce, HubSpot, VWO, and Tealium to collect site analytics to constantly improve our website.

  • Contentsquare: With Contentsquare we analyze improvements on our web pages. We use this knowledge to determine whether the improvements on our websites actually work.
  • Salesforce: We use Salesforce solely for our business-to-business related services. It gives us a better understanding of our ‘business customers’ intentions and needs.
  • Mopinion: Through the online surveys by Mopinion we collect information about the use of our website and services.
  • VWO: With VWO we test improvements on our web pages. We use this knowledge to determine whether the improvements on our websites actually work.
  • Tealium: Tealium makes it possible to place and manage other cookies on the website, as well as scripts that are necessary for the website to function.
  • Google Analytics: By implementing this cookie in a privacy-friendly way we collect anonymized web visitor data to help us understand visitor behavior. The insights help us to improve our website.
  • Hubspot: We use Hubspot solely for our business-to-business related services, to understand what our business customers are interested in when visiting our website.
Cookie details
The table below explains each individual cookie in terms of what it does, how long it is stored in your browser, and which classification type is assigned to it.
  • utag_main
  • audience_type
  • customer_id
  • oauth2_token
  • PublicationUrl
  • Web_token
  • amlbcookie
  • uamsession
  • jsessionid
  • LP
  • MSopened
  • username
  • campaign_<utm>
  • _ga
  • _gat_ua_tracker_tomtom
  • _gat_tealium_
  • _gid
  • _cs_c
  • _cs_id
  • _cs_s
  • Pastease.passive.chance.
  • Pastease.passive.activated.
  • last_page
  • page_count
  • _hjUserAttributesHash
  • tt_settings
  • tt_locale
  • Tomtomlocale
  • Cookie-agreed
  • XSRF-Token
  • tt_dev_id
  • user_logged_in
  • WNRO_<value>
  • cookie_order_voucher_code
  • vis_opt_exp_{CAMPAIGNID}_combi
  • vis_opt_exp_{CAMPAIGNID}_combi_choose
  • vis_opt_exp_{CAMPAIGNID}_exclude
  • vis_opt_exp_{CAMPAIGNID}_goal_{GOALID}
  • vis_opt_exp_{CAMPAIGNID}_split
  • vis_opt_out
  • vis_opt_s
  • vis_opt_test_cookie
  • _vwo
  • _vwo_ds
  • _vwo_global_opt_out
  • _vwo_referrer
  • _vwo_sn
  • _vwo_ssm
  • _vwo_uuid
  • _vwo_uuid_{CAMPAIGNID}
  • _vwo_uuid_v2
  • __hstc
  • hubspotutk
  • __hssc
  • __hssrc
  • _abck
  • _ga_
  • allUtmValues
  • bm_sz
  • hsConsent
  • mop_ga
  • mop_ga_gid
  • Mp_*_mixpanel
  • RT
  • session_info
  • tt_basket_data
  • tt_languagepref
Personalization & advertisement cookies
When you visit our website or see our advertisements, we would like to give you a more relevant, personalized experience. In order to do this, we use personalization and advertisement cookies. With these cookies we collect information about your interests and use this information to give you a more personalized experience. Third parties may be able to collect certain data from you as well, for example when you navigate to TomTom websites while you are logged in to your account from that third party. We do not have control over this activity and will not share your data actively with any third party. 

  • Google Ads: Google Ads tracking makes it possible to display advertisements with the search results of the Google search engine. It is also placed to measure clicks and requests in order to optimize our advertising campaigns.
  • DoubleClick: DoubleClick tracking is used to measure clicks and requests in order to optimize our advertising campaigns.
  • Facebook: This tracking helps deliver our advertising to people who have already visited our website when they are on Facebook or a digital platform powered by Facebook Advertising.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn tracking sees which products you are viewing. This allows us to show you relevant advertisements on LinkedIn.
  • X (formerly known as Twitter): Enables us to track visitor activity from our X (Twitter) ads on our website, and also to allow users to share content from our websites.
  • ZoomInfo: Enables B2B intent data generation. ZoomInfo can provide non-personal data in relation to website visits such as business name, address, phone number, industry, turnover, and employee numbers, as well as the pages viewed on our website. ZoomInfo does not use cookies, instead the IP address is used to track and identify relevant businesses.
  • DemandBase: This tool assists us in comprehensive Account Based Marketing. It enables B2B lead generation by identifying companies browsing the website.
Advertising platform details
The table below explains each advertising platform in terms of what they do, how long tracking is stored in your browser and which classification type is assigned to each platform. In case additional information is required, a link for each platform is provided in the table below.
  • datr
  • locale
  • wd
  • sb
  • c_user
  • xs
  • fr
  • spin
  • presence
  • Advanced Automatic Matching
  • bcookie
  • lang
  • aam_uid
  • _guid
  • li_sugr
  • lang
  • UserMatchHistory
  • li_oatml
  • lidc
  • HSID
  • twitter_sess
  • __gcl
  • tuuid
  • tuuid_lu
Social plug ins
The ‘Blog articles’, ‘Explore’ and ‘Careers’ sections of the TomTom website make use of third-party applications and services to enhance the experience of website visitors. These include social media platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, and WhatsApp through the use of sharing buttons, and embedded content from YouTube. As a result, when logged-in on one of these social media platforms, cookies that were set by these third parties when logging in will be used to collect the ‘share’ activity. This is an automated data collection method set by the social media platforms.
Social custom audience targeting
We may participate in Facebook’s Custom Audience program, which enables us to display personalized ads on your timeline. With your consent, we will share your email address with Facebook to enable Facebook to determine if you have a Facebook account. You can learn more about how Facebook uses your data for this purpose and how you can control how information about you is used by Facebook to personalize the ads you see here. You can also read more in Facebook’s privacy policy. We may also use similar programs from other social networks. To withdraw your consent for participation in the Facebook Custom Audience program and similar programs, please go to our contact page.
How can you (de)activate cookies?
You approve the use of cookies by clicking ‘Accept’ in the pop-up banners. If you do not want these cookies or settings to be placed, just simply untick the cookie setting on top of this page and save your settings. In case you want to delete all TomTom cookies please use this link as a reference with regards to your browser. Detailed instructions can be found for the following browsers:

  • Chrome for Windows or Mac
  • Chrome for Android
  • Chrome for iOS
  • Firefox for Windows or Mac
  • Firefox for Windows or Mac
  • Firefox for iOS
  • Safari for Mac
  • Safari for iOS
  • Internet Explorer for Windows PC
  • Microsoft Edge for PCs
Does TomTom use any other technologies than cookies?
Cookies are mainly used, but sometimes information is stored and retrieved using other technologies, such as the measurement protocol, file transfer and Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) – e.g. when you attach a TomTom device to your computer.