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TomTom websites and online marketing

Our online environment offers you various features, services and product information. You can get in touch with our customer support team, join the discussion forum or purchase TomTom products and services online. and offer you relevant features for these specific TomTom services. Some parts of our websites require logging in with your TomTom account, for example when you want to download a subscription of TomTom Traffic services.

We may use your IP address, unique identifiers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses and other records of computer activity to perform marketing analytics, but never associate this with data generated when you use a TomTom product or service, such as your location or navigation data. We collect, aggregate and analyze information on how you use our website for improvement, to detect malicious or fraudulent use or to offer you more relevant advertisements. See the cookies and preferences section for more information.

You can go to more information to read who has access to your information, get information about your rights and where we store your data.

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