Built-in Location Technology

Connected vehicles and location intelligence

In our capacity as a service provider, we receive real-time information about location, speed, sensors and other vehicle and device information from third parties, such as car manufacturers that develop connected vehicles equipped with our online maps, navigation or traffic software, mobile apps or business fleet management services. We use this data only after we have made sure it has been disconnected from device information or any other personal data. For example, we use vehicle sensor data to continuously update our highly detailed maps for automated driving, helping us increase safety and comfort in self-driving vehicles.

We also receive data from others when you have interacted with them, for example when you have used a mobile app or location intelligence platform from a company with embedded TomTom Maps APIs or SDKs software. We work with random session identifiers to improve the quality of our Maps APIs by analyzing search queries and results linked to a unique interaction. These insights help us for example show relevant POIs within a certain area and improve your search process. However, we don’t recognize you when you start a new session, protect your data and can’t link data such as your search queries, location details or destinations directly back to you based on the information that we hold.

The collection of data through built-in location technology software occurs under the full responsibility of these third parties in accordance with their privacy policies. TomTom is only allowed to use this data within the limits as instructed by these parties while adhering to contractual privacy arrangements at the same time.


TomTom uses your BRIDGE Partner Portal account to grant you access to downloadable marketing content, sales and developers specific tooling to register projects and create technical related support cases. To create your BRIDGE Partner Portal account, as a minimum you need to supply your name and email address and choose a password. We advise you to keep your TomTom BRIDGE Partner Portal account details confidential and use a password you do not use elsewhere.

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Developer Portal

The TomTom Developer Portal helps you learn more about how our set of Maps APIs and SDKs can be used and allows you to license our respective APIs. You can create a TomTom Developer account to access downloadable content and subscribed services, perform application management and user analytics of the TomTom Maps APIs embedded in your own applications, and get access to restricted sections of the Portal. You can also purchase and manage your credits for consumption.

The minimum level of personal details we need are your name, email address, user name and password. We recommend you pick a strong password that you don’t use for anything else. We store the password in encrypted code, so we don’t see what your password is. You can supply additional information such as your address, phone number, company and website details. We will send you mailings about your transactions, credit consumptions, usage quota and invoice details. You will also receive the latest news and updates about TomTom products that you have registered. You can easily change your email preferences by unsubscribing via the link in the emails that you have received. To manage your data, please log in to your TomTom Developer account and use the online contact form.

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