Guidelines for Using TomTom’s Trademarks and Copyrights

Guidelines for parties who wish to use TomTom’s trademarks, logos and copyrights.

Correct use of the “TomTom” mark

1. Trademarks are nouns used to describe the generic name of a product or service.
2. The trademark must appear in front of the appropriate generic name of a product or service.
      a. Correct: I am using a TomTom navigation device.
      b. Not correct: I am using a TomTom. 
3. Do not use TomTom Trademarks in the possessive or plural form.


Do not use the TomTom “Hands logo” or any other TomTom logo’s, icons or symbols on or in connection with products, promotional material or packaging except pursuant to an express written statement from TomTom.

Domain names

Our domain names are carefully chosen to support our presence on the internet. Our domain names include our trademarks/trade names or a combination of these marks/names. You may not use an identical or virtually identical TomTom trademark as a second level domain.

Trade dress

TomTom uses distinctive packaging, web designs, logos, color combinations and typefaces that may not be imitated.


Product developers may use TomTom in a referential phrase on packaging or promotional material, to describe their product is compatible with a TomTom product under the following conditions:
    a. TomTom is not used as a noun;
    b. TomTom is not part of the product name;
    c. TomTom is not part of the company name;
    d. The reference to TomTom does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship or false association with TomTom;
    e. The product works with the referenced TomTom product.


Copyrights in TomTom products and services, including maps, images, text and designs (“content”) are owned by TomTom and its affiliates. Unless stated otherwise, you may only copy, modify, distribute, display license if you are granted explicit written permission.

The following copyright notice shall apply to all TomTom products:

“© 1992 – 2020 TomTom. All rights reserved. This material is proprietary and the subject of copyright protection, database right protection and other intellectual property rights owned by TomTom or its suppliers. The use of this material is subject to the terms of a license agreement. Any unauthorized copying or disclosure of this material will lead to criminal and civil liabilities.”

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