How we use your data


Our website offers you various features and services. It allows you to learn about our products and services. You can order products and services through our online store. Get support and discuss our products with other users on our support page and discussion forum. The MyDrive and MySports sections offer you various services related to specific TomTom products. Each of these sections will use data from or about you in order to enable the features or services it offers. We also collect, aggregate, and analyze information on how you use our website in order to improve our website, present you with information we think is relevant to you, and to detect malicious or fraudulent use.

Anonymous browsing

You can use our website anonymously without identifying yourself. However, some parts of the website require logging in with your MyTomTom account. For example, the online store, MyDrive, and MySports sections require you to log in to perform activities such as buying and downloading a map or downloading the latest software.

Online Store

You can order products and services from us at our online store. We will use your MyTomTom account, your name, address, and other contact details to process your order, as well as any payment details you provide. TomTom keeps your order details for a period of up to 10 years, due to specific obligations from tax laws. TomTom does not store your payment details such as credit card information – these are kept at our payment provider in their secure environment and TomTom has no access to this data.

Support and discussions

On the support and discussion section of our site you can find support information, ask us questions and chat with others. We use your MyTomTom account to provide you support. We retain your support history and keep it confidential as long as this account exists. With your MyTomTom account you can log in to the discussion forum and participate. Your contributions will remain published on the discussion forum for anyone to see.

Online and marketing

Insights for marketing

We use your data to improve our understanding of TomTom users and those who are not yet TomTom users. We do this by first aggregating data from or about you, data from or about other TomTom users, and data from third parties, and then analyzing this data to derive insights about behavior and demographics. These insights are used to improve our products, our website, and our marketing efforts, including online advertising.

The data we use is the data that you have provided via our website and when signing up for a TomTom account. The data does not include any of the data collected and used by TomTom while you are using TomTom products or services, for example your location, navigation, or workout data.

The data we use also includes IP addresses, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, cookies and other records of computer activity, as well as indications of your behavior, interests, and demographic. We also use similar data that we receive from others, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

If you want to remove your data from our marketing analytics, you can always do so by contacting us at and requesting an opt out.

Social Media

Social media on our site

We use social media plug-ins on our site. You gain access to social media such as Twitter and Facebook using our website’s plug-ins. The plug-ins store and retrieve information fully under their own control and TomTom has no influence over this. You can enable and disable these plug-ins using the cookie settings on our site.

Social media in our products and services

Some of our products allow access to social media and allow you to share your data. How the information you share with social media is used is subject to the way each particular social media works and is governed by their privacy policies. TomTom has no influence over this.

Our other uses of social media

We use social media to interact with our users. We also continuously monitor social media for topics and trends that are relevant to us.