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Keep the thrill alive with GO Ride

Every ride is about the journey, not the destination. When adventure calls, let GO Ride answer for you.

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Unleash your inner rider

There’s no reason to spend hours planning out your trip – get the thrills you need with just one tap away. Get to the starting line with three routing modes and let’s go!

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Get away from the highways to take on exciting winding roads.

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Super Thrilling

Take the long route and experience curves, hills, and scenery to the fullest!

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Beat the traffic to get to your destination as soon as possible.

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Up to 150 waypoints

Plan your adventure with up to 150 waypoints to help you design every part of your route with ease so that you and your party can gear up and ride.

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Save and share

Save your favorite routes and plan your trips ahead of time, making it easier than ever to hit the road at any moment. Want to share your adventures with your fellow bikers? Simply share your routes with them and take your riding experience to new heights!

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Speed information

Be on top of your ride with our speedometer that displays your current speed and the speed limit of the road you're on. No more surprises with our accurate GPS speed-reading system! Experience a safer ride with our visual warnings that alert you in case of accidental speeding.

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GPX Import

Easily import your favorite GPX routes from other sources and add them to your collection. Keep all your rides and route planning in one place, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

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