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              View the third-party licenses that TomTom uses for its products.

              Open-Source Software Licenses

              Read more about how TomTom uses open-source software in its products and services.

              You are aware that TomTom may provide products or software that are in whole or in part subject to open-source software licenses.

              The rights to use such products or software are in whole or in part subject to the terms of the applicable open-source software licenses, as further specified at,

              You and TomTom are each responsible for complying with their respective obligations under the applicable open-source software licenses.

              Neither you nor TomTom can act in a manner that puts the other in breach of its obligations under the open-source software licenses.

              Nothing in the EULA prevents TomTom from taking the steps it deems necessary to comply with applicable open-source software licenses.

              At your request, TomTom will provide you with the corresponding machine-readable open-source code on a CD. Please contact your TomTom customer support center for more information.

              Google Terms

              Where services are provided by Google, use of those services is subject to the following:
              I.   Google Terms of Service
              II.  Google Maps/Google Local Terms of Service
              III. Google Maps/Google Local Legal Notices
              IV. Google Privacy Policy