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Navigation Features

Get a real driving experience in one easy-to-use app to limit distractions and help you see only what is important on the road.
Real-Time Traffic

Real-Time Traffic

You can't always avoid traffic, but with TomTom you can outsmart it. Be prepared and save time with early warnings about traffic jams, incidents, newly blocked lanes, active road construction, and other traffic delays.
Online & Offline Maps

Online & Offline Maps

Navigate confidently with customizable maps that reflect the reality on the road. Upgrade your driving experience with 3D map visualizations. Save money on data usage with trusted offline maps.
Safety Camera Updates
Safety Camera Updates
Safety and speed go hand-in-hand. Receive highly accurate alerts for fixed safety cameras and speed traps on screen and over audio to ensure you're driving within the speed limit.
Moving Lane Guidance

Moving Lane Guidance

Never miss a turn or have to make a last-second lane change. Be prepared for exits and intersections by following clear turn-by-turn directions with moving lane guidance along your planned route.
Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Discover new places and find what you're looking for. Locate nearby parking, gas stations, restaurants, and more. Search points of interest by category to easily see a list of nearby results.

Get directions and real-time info on a bigger screen and in surround sound.

Now compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Subscription Plans

Download our GO Navigation App and get a FREE trial.
Monthly Plan
Monthly Plan
1 month for 4.99. Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
Yearly Plan
Yearly Plan
12 months for 22.99. Billed yearly, cancel anytime.
Family Plan
Family Plan (iOS)
12 months for 33.99. Share with up to 5 family members.
Upgrade your drive


Download any map of the world and get weekly updates

Find Alternative

Change your route without changing your destination

My Places

Keep your saved and recent places handy

Safety Camera

Help other TomTom drivers by reporting a safety camera

Route Type

Change your vehicle and road type


Save time and hassle by easily finding parking

Gas and Charging Stations

See upcoming gas stations and charging stations while driving

Run in Background

Keep the app running while using your phone