Map Update Service

Access to all TomTom Maps


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12-month access
12-month access
TomTom map update service
  • Includes 4 updates per year
  • Download the map of any region into your GPS navigation
1 Download
1 Download
A single TomTom map update
  • Download the map of any region into your GPS navigation
  • Download world map zones of your choice
  • Extensive road coverage
  • Map version 10.95
  • Includes thousands of restaurants, hotels and other Points of Interest
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Getting started
1. Choose the option you want
2. Connect your device to your computer or to your Wi-Fi network
3. Download and install the map of your choice
Extensive Road Coverage
Extensive Road Coverage
Explore the world in confidence and know your way around with coverage of over 34.7 million km / 23.4 million miles.
Local speed limits
Local speed limits
Drive more relaxed knowing the local speed restrictions wherever you are.
Points of Interest
Browse over more than 1 million Points of Interest to find the best spots that you need.
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