Map of South America, Caribbean & Mexico

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  • Covers up to 50 countries
  • Includes millions of restaurants, hotels and other Points of Interest
  • Includes local speed limits
  • Map version 11
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Extensive Road Coverage

Explore the world in confidence and know your way around with coverage of over 3.2 million km / 2 million miles.

Local speed limits

Drive more relaxed knowing the local speed restrictions wherever you are.

Points of Interest

Browse over 6.7 million Points of Interest to find the best spots that you need.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Clearly see which lane to take at junctions so you never miss a turn.

TomTom MapShare Community

Drive with map updates validated by 21 million drivers across the world.

Accurate arrival time

IQ Routes™ uses historical speed information to give you a more precise ETA any time of day.


Detailed Coverage


Antigua and Barbuda 10%  






Bolivia 50%  

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba  


Cayman Islands  



Costa Rica 98%  

Cuba 19%  


Dominica 15%  

Dominican Republic 30%  

Ecuador 91%  

El Salvador 80%  

French Guiana  



Guatemala 60%  

Haiti 9%  

Honduras 60%  

Jamaica 3%  




Nicaragua 60%  




Puerto Rico  

Saint Barthélemy  

Saint Kitts and Nevis 15%  

Saint Lucia  

Saint Martin (French part)  

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  

Sint Maarten (Dutch part)  

Trinidad and Tobago 3%  

Turks and Caicos Islands  

Uruguay 75%  

Venezuela 50%  

Virgin Islands (British)  

Virgin Islands (U.S.)  

Connecting roads / country




Device compatibility

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