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TomTom Sports

View your sports workouts



Train with your heart

Race yourself

Choose past performances to race against as you run.

See real-time running information

See your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt at a glance.

Feature Highlights

One-Button Control

Navigate easily through menus.

Extra-large Display

See real-time running info at a glance.

Ultra-Slim Design

Run with a lightweight watch designed for runners.

How do you Get Going?

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TomTom Runner Cardio

  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor*
  • Run in your optimal heart rate zone
  • See real-time running information
  • Race your past performances
  • *This heart rate monitor is not a medical device. Always consult a physician before starting an exercise program. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device, consult your doctor before using this product. The use of this product while exercising might distract you from your surroundings or your activity. Interference with the signal from external sources, poor contact with your wrist and other factors may prevent accurate heart rate data readings or transmissions. TomTom disclaims all liability arising from any such inaccuracies.