Discover your next adventure

TomTom Rider

TomTom Rider

Discover your next adventure

Ride challenge levels

Ride challenge levels

Don't just pick your destination, choose your trip.

TomTom Road Trips

TomTom Road Trips

Discover the world's most amazing motorcycle rides.

Updates via Wi-Fi®

Updates via Wi-Fi®

No computer needed.

Compatible with Siri and Google Now™

Compatible with Siri and Google Now™

Stay connected for calls, messages, music, and more.

Lifetime World Maps, Traffic, and Services

Lifetime* World Maps, Traffic, and Services

Ride with the best TomTom Services at no extra cost.

Award-winning design, faster processor

Award-winning design, faster processor

Waterproof design and fast quad-core processor.

Ride challenge levels

Don't just pick your destination, choose your trip by personalizing every detail. Enhance your riding ability by selecting elevation and cornering levels directly on your GPS or when planning your route on MyDrive.

Updates via Wi-Fi®

Get the latest maps and software and easily sync new routes for your TomTom Rider via built-in Wi-Fi®. No computer needed. Your motorcycle GPS notifies you when new updates are available - simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi® network and choose what to install.


Use Siri or Google Now™ to unlock the full use of your smartphone via voice while you ride, meaning it can read out and reply to messages, make calls, play music, and more. While not on a call, the headset lets you hear directions to navigate while keeping your eyes on the road.

Award-winning design, fast quad-core processor

The rugged, metallic-edged TomTom Rider is IPX7 weather- and drop-resistant. Now powered with fast quad-core processor, your TomTom Rider starts up to five times faster. The motorcycle GPS comes with an universal RAM mount, so you can get on the road faster than ever.

Smart screen

Choose the sensitivity of the glove-friendly touch screen. The smart screen on the TomTom Rider can be toggled between summer and winter glove modes to suit you and the kit you're wearing.

  • Plan windy and hilly roads
  • Discover the world's best curated riding routes, exclusively
  • Updates via Wi-Fi®. No computer needed
  • Discover, personalize and enjoy stunning riding routes with MyDrive
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now™
  • Smartphone messages read aloud, hands-free calling
  • Lifetime* Worldwide Maps, TomTom Traffic and Services
  • Double the processing speed and five times faster start-up

Discover the world's most amazing motorcycle rides.

Discover the world's most amazing riding routes, from legendary coastal rides like the Amalfi Coast to classic rides like Route 66. Tailor the route with handy TripAdvisor stops, sync over Wi-Fi, then just ride.

Personalize your route

Plan your route by adding waypoints, find and book the best places to eat and stay, and add them to your route with TripAdvisor reviews. Simply drag and drop points along your route and MyDrive will adapt the navigation for the best possible trip personalized to you.

Instant route sharing

Plan your route in minutes and ride it right away thanks to simple sharing. At the press of one button your route is sent through the Cloud to your TomTom Rider, connected via smartphone or Wi-Fi.

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