TomTom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch

Your Personal Running Coach


GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS gives speed, pace, distance and location data.

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor your heart rate on your watch.

Personalised workouts

Personalised Workouts

Get over 50 workouts tailored to your fitness level

Fitness Age & VO2 Max

Fitness Age & VO2 Max

Discover how fit you really are, and how to improve faster.

Multiple Sports Modes

Multiple Sports Modes

Track all your indoor and outdoor sports, including every run, cycle, swim and gym workout.

Built-in Music Player

Built-in Music Player

Stay motivated and run to the beat of over 500 songs on your watch.

Trusted Brand 2017 – Fitness Bands

Reader's Digest Australia

TomTom is proud sponsor of Parkrun Australia

Advanced Training Modes

Take your performance to the next level with Interval Training, Training Zones, Race Mode, Recovery Indicator and more. Advanced training modes will help you to customize your own training, set personal training goals and achieve them faster.


TomTom Runner 3 Cardio

  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS Tracking
  • Advanced Training Modes
  • Route Exploration
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • TomTom Sports App
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music

  • Built-in heart rate monitor*
  • Real-time running information
  • Multisport mode
  • Route exploration
  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Over 500 songs of music storage**

See all your activities in one place

Access all your activities and sports in one intuitive app across your devices.
If you own a TomTom Golfer GPS Watch, please click here to learn more about our dedicated golf app.

Track your progress at-a-glance

See key fitness information and activity history at-a-glance, on the TomTom Sports App dashboard

Designed to move you

Co-created with real athletes and fitness app users, the TomTom Sports App is designed to help you power through any fitness journey.

Play Video

Dive into the details of your performance

Switch between per-second detail and high level summaries of your performance analysis.

Follow trends and beat your best

Monitor trends on the TomTom Sports App and compete against your Personal Best.