An up-to-date map, every day.

We know that the world around us changes faster than new maps can be released. So we’ve developed Map Share, a really clever way to make, share and receive map changes every day, for free.

When you encounter a road change, like a new roadblock or a changed speed limit, you can mark this change on your map. Then, with Map Share, you can share this change with millions of other TomTom users on a daily basis.

With the help of our community, Map Share is growing rapidly. By working together, we create the most up-to-date maps in the world. Every day.

There are many ways to instantly correct your map using Map Share. For example, it's simple to:

- block, unblock or reverse a street direction
- change a turn restriction
- change a street name or report a new street.

When connecting your device to your computer, corrections are sent to us via TomTom HOME, our free desktop software. We validate these changes and pass them on to all other Map Share users on a daily basis, again via TomTom HOME.

Your device also lets you select various 'levels of trust'. You might decide to only receive improvements that have been verified by TomTom. Alternatively, you might choose to receive changes that have been submitted by trusted sources, or by a lot of people. It's up to you.

To date, users from around the world have created and shared over nine million Map Share corrections.

During an hour-long journey, a TomTom user typically encounters around 30 Map Share corrections.

We collect Map Share corrections and build them back into our maps.

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