MPL - license and source code

On this page, TomTom publishes the MPL-covered source code included in its products.

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TomTom HOME is a PC application that manages TomTom GPS devices (Portable Navigation Devices) connected to the PC.

It uses Mozilla XULRunner as platform which is being shipped with TomTom HOME. TomTom made some small changes to Mozilla's source code, mostly bugfixes and branding, which are published here.

The source code changes are available under the MPL, GPL and LGPL.

Note for clarification: The actual GUI source code (JavaScript, XUL, locales etc.) is not open source, neither is the "HomeServices" DLL (implemented as XPCOM module written in C++) used to access the device, neither is the HOME2 server. The source below contains only the XULRunner platform and changes to it.

TomTom HOME 2.4

TomTom HOME 2.5

TomTom HOME 2.6

TomTom HOME 2.7

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