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Search & Go

Search, check and drive so you go to the best places

World's largest location database LIVE on your TomTom LIVE device!

Looking for your local Indian restaurant? Perhaps you want to buy some flowers on the way home? Then TomTom Search & Go is for you.

Tap into the world's largest local search database straight from your TomTom device, to locate anything you need to find. Just type in any search word, find matching locations in the largest local search database available and let your device take you there.

TomTom Places

TomTom's own location database LIVE on your TomTom LIVE device!

Looking for local businessess? Perhaps you want to buy a present on the way home?

Then TomTom Places is for you. Tap into the most relevant local TomTom Places listings to locate anything from your local bookshop to a pharmacy wherever you are. Type in your search word, find matching locations and let your device take you there.

Find anything you want with TomTom Places

TomTom Places includes millions of up-to-date locations in Europe, all now searchable directly from your TomTom LIVE device.

Through TomTom Places you always have:

  • Fast access to TomTom's own location database with millions of addresses

  • The most relevant search results for your navigation experience

  • The ability to search in your own language in other countries

  • The most up-to-date information on businesses and services, including addresses and phone numbers

  • A route that brings you directly to the location of your choice

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Local Search with Google™

*Google stops Local Search with Google on December 1st 2012. You can now search with TomTom Places instead by updating your device to the latest software using MyTomTom or TomTom HOME.

Book your hotels or restaurants at the best rates!

After a long day on unfamiliar roads, a warm hotel bed is very appealing. With Search & Go with Expedia, you get advice on your next hotel stay. You get dynamic access, so you can check availability, compare prices and make a decision. You have access to information about thousands of hotels across Europe, including some of the largest chains like Hilton, Marriott and Mercure. And once you’ve decided, let your device take you there.

  • thousands of hotels and restaurants

  • hundreds of destinations across Europe 

  • low and high price rate for hotels

  • reviews and rating

  • extensive information on hotel facilities

How to book?

Just call the number of the hotel or restaurant stated on your TomTom device. You can call to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tap into thousands of Expedia listings

Your TomTom device makes a connection to the Expedia database. This means that you can tap into all Expedia listings, adresses, phone numbers, background information, reviews and ratings of other Expedia users (where available). This database is updated and expanded on a daily basis.


The service can be used in Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain. You can search for hotels and restaurant throughout Europe.

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FAQ Search & Go

Can I use my LIVE device for browsing the web?

Unfortunately not. The new TomTom LIVE devices only enable customers to find locations through Google search. The build-in connectivity only serves to find and navigate to addresses and cannot be used to browse the web.

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