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Intellias and TomTom

Effortless climate control for unparalleled comfort and safety with TomTom IndiGO.
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Intellias and TomTom
The TomTom IndiGO climate app, integrated seamlessly by Intellias, allows drivers full control of the car’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.
Intellias, a global supplier of software development services, has a history of involvement in projects that design Human-Machine Interface solutions and various other connected car features, be it predictive maintenance or pedestrian tracking and collision prediction.

Putting drivers in control, come rain or shine

When the weather outside is unpredictable, an advanced climate control system in your car can go a long way in making the seasons easier to endure. In its collaboration with TomTom, Intellias has designed, developed and tested a climate control application using the TomTom IndiGO SDK and the existing TomTom IndiGO Climate Application, to put drivers in charge.

Using the touch screen or control buttons in the digital cockpit, drivers can effortlessly control essential comfort factors such as temperature, airflow, ventilation, seat temperature control and steering wheel heating.

Besides ensuring maximum comfort, the climate application also prioritizes safety. Safety-related features like defrosting and demisting of the windshield and windows can be accessed from any of the multiple screens.

The final product was developed using a selection of the most robust tools and technologies, including Android Automotive Operating System, Android Jetpack Components and Kotlin Coroutines.
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A modular approach to climate control
While working with the TomTom IndiGO SDK, experts at Intellias were impressed by the flexibility and scalability its architecture offered. What also stood out was how compatible the TomTom IndiGO APIs were with other Android APIs.

Written using the concise and secure programming language Kotlin, the code for the TomTom IndiGO SDK stayed perfectly stable during development. This ensured a straightforward process for customization, system integration and end-to-end testing of the climate module.

The modular approach used by TomTom allowed Intellias to extend the platform and to add climate control capabilities without affecting existing software features. This means that Intellias can now offer this joint climate control solution to any in-vehicle infotainment system equipped with TomTom IndiGO.
Thanks to its innovative approach and open structure, the new TomTom IndiGO platform will surely delight developers and end-users alike. TomTom IndiGO is paving the way for a new era of digital cockpits.

Gavriel Yadgarov
Account Director, Intellias
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