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Innovative thinking should not be restrictive. We believe that tech belongs to the many, not just the few. Explore the community of like-minded companies and partners that are democratizing the connected in-car experience and keeping the digital cockpit open.
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Service provider
An ever-expanding list of global and local service providers that bring their services into the digital cockpit. Music streaming, payment or connectivity services are configured with a simple code. Take a look at our current providers or sign up to bring the next idea (maybe with a local twist) into the digital cockpit.
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Amazon Alexa
App developer
A multitude of ideas and apps to make the drive even better. EV charging or parking apps, payments, media players or app stores TomTom IndiGO makes it easy for developers to build great apps. Explore the existing options or join us with your new ideas.
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Faurecia Aptoide
System integrator
Integrate TomTom IndiGO in your digital cockpit with help of our system integrators (SI). Integrate it as is or customize it to your (local) needs, with your own look and feel. Explore the SI that already understand our code or sign up to play with our SDK for your customer.
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Faurecia Aptoide
Let’s build the digital cockpit together.
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